When a person dies a separation of body and spirit occurs. And even though we cannot see them physically, they never separate from our side as they remain in our memories, thoughts and hearts.

In the light of a lantern in twilight! Sitting on a rock, dazed and without a fixed point, I direct my gaze towards the empty environment, wrapped in an inexplicable loneliness Dreaming of going back home!

What an impossible wish! I have asked, whispering into the wind, to allow me a moment more; even if I must steal it from eternity, just to see you again!

I want to tell you everything that I have kept inside. Because time has fallen short and it was not enough to only speak in our farewell.

The pain that goes through my heart like a disease! That bends me before reason and screams around me at the world!

Even so, I stretch out my arms to seek your warmth and I only trap the emptiness around me. How endless are my tears, that sprout from my eyes with no hope of being contain them!

And suddenly! I look up, at the lantern, hoping it will dissolve the darkness that threatens to envelop me; but I meet the brightness of your eyes and the memory of that wide smile that filled the atmosphere with joy.

There are no more shadows, because a ray of light grows in the darkness, showing me the way! Where I will see you leave for PARADISE.

My tears have stopped! Because I know, that I should not hold you on to my side. I need to let you free, to follow your destiny. Towards that light! That will guide you to that beautiful place, where one day we will meet again.

And again! I ask for a moment to shout at the wind, where my mouth is silent and that the sound of my voice accompanies you on this trip. With the memories and the knowledge that your soul does not die; because the very essence of your being will live! From eternity to eternity for love! Since together family and friends regardless of time, we will meet again and build a home where there will be no more pain, sadness or separation. Only an endless happiness!

Fly free! So that I will live my life without rushing or crying.

Fly free! So that your spirit overflows with light like the Northern Lights.

Fly free! So that you do not drag penalties or attachments from the past.

Fly free! Because all my love is flying with you forever.

Fly free! Eternal love because in my heart you always will LIVE.


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