When I read the story of Fausto (A very original story of a man who tirelessly seeks happiness); I found it SURPRISING that he found that happiness he so longed for, in the service he performed in favor of other people. It was then that I remembered when I was a child I was terrified of growing up and losing the wonderful piece of the world that surrounded me. The company of my parents, the jokes of my brothers, the games with my friends. All the words of tenderness and the loving way with which they spoke to me.

My fear of growing up, to stop being a child, arose because I heard several people say that happiness was very difficult to reach when you are an adult. Since there are many responsibilities, as well as the difficulties in the lives of adults; ones inhibit us in such a way that it is more difficult to smile and express love to others.

But it was inevitable that time passed, and I grew up with the idea of ​​fighting to be happy. Time taught me, that happiness is more fragile than glass, but more enduring than steel, because it lives in our memories and in the memory of all those who shared it with us.

I learned that the wonderful moments that life gives us, we must live it with intensity within the permissible limits of decency, honesty and the responsibility to live freely in an orderly manner.

Because, the beauty of all things lies in the way that they only happen once and never repeat again with the same intensity, emotion or feeling.

I learned that this ephemeral happiness we experience, we must treasure it because it makes us great if we share it or give it away through a smile, a greeting, a service to our neighbor.

We can also express loving words and have positive attitudes with our loved ones. Through time and lived experiences I learned that happiness should not be sought; because it is always inside your heart, like a treasure that should not be hidden.

And if you look for the way to serve and help other people, you will discover that the inner happiness in each human being is transformed into light that is reflected in your whole being and grows every day through the positive attitude with which you face your challenges and want to live your life.



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