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Every morning when we wake up, we are the ones who decide by choice of thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires, or attitudes how we want the new day to unfold in our lives. Since we ourselves are the ones who create the environment to live a “harmonious and happy” day or a “grey and complicated” day.

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MARIA-02My father was a photographer. He made many trips to different places to take pictures at the town fairs. He met many people, and on several occasions, he told me about his experiences on those trips. There were times when he would tell me stories that I had already heard.

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The first time my eyes saw the immensity of the sea, my heart almost literally exploded inside my chest. I don’t remember how old I was, but I had already heard many fantastic stories about sea monsters that lived at the bottom of the sea. Tales of beautiful mermaids who, with their charms, attacked the crew of ships that entered their waters. The story of the giant white whale. Pirate adventures in search of treasures and the many love stories that took place on the shores of the beach.

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There have been many who throughout history have written about the tireless search for the Elixir of Life that can result in Eternal Youth. Pirates, philosophers, alchemists, scientists, and devout believers have made great chemical discoveries trying to create the exact potion that will extend the life of the human being; or they have embarked on the earthly search that will take them to the exact place where the long-awaited treasure is found.

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AMY-04As we dined celebrating my daughter Amy’s twenty-first birthday, in the midst of conversations full of laughter; She asks me, “How has it been for you to see us grow? I want to know because I turned 21 today.” I replied, “If I give you the answer right now, you’re going to start crying.” So, we started laughing and continued eating.

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JOSE-01The Bible does not mention how old Joseph was when he married Mary. Nor when Jesus was born. It doesn’t even mention how old he was when he died. In fact, very little was written about Joseph despite the fact that his presence as husband, head of the family and the putative father of Jesus Christ was transcendental in God’s plans.

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Who I am?

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A few years ago, while I was talking to a group of people about how difficult it can be to define ourselves through the years we have lived, a brief silence formed that was interrupted when one of the people who was present stood up.  He looked at me insistently, while with a sharp tone and directly, he asked me: Who I am? Then he just started crying.

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NORA-01At the moment that Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit; they opened their minds to the knowledge of the arts, science, discovery, wisdom, the freedom to choose between good and evil, bringing about the consequence that their immortal bodies were transformed into a mortal and temporary state of life. In other words, they allowed death to become a part of their lives.



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How many of you can define “WILL”? Because for me it is a total confusion to want to find the correct definition. “WILL” can be an affirmation, denial, noun, verb, question, answer, expression of admiration or simply the absolute truth of BEING.

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