ADILIA-06I’ve been asked why I’m not posting with the same frequency. Why am I so absent from the various activities in which I like to participate?

A friend of mine told me, “I haven’t seen you for a while. Are you OK? I am asking you that because I see you down, and your eyes lack the intensity of the light with which they used to shine. Remember that you have a very strong potential to achieve what you set out to do, so if you need to cry… cry until you feel better.”

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happy young woman looking at a piece of cake with a candle

“The age of illusions” is a very appropriate phrase to describe the strength of youth that agglomerates inside each heart that dreams of discovering the world that surrounds it. The contagious smile that lit up Elida’s face showed how harmoniously her youth was complemented by her desire to be happy. Elida had always been a very pretty girl. She had large honey-colored eyes, and her soft and smooth skin was white as the clouds in the sky, lightly tanned by the rays of the sun that caressed her every time she walked through the field. Her blond hair, straight and long, fell over her shoulders like a waterfall in spring. The lips of her mouth reflected the red color of her blood like a freshly cut strawberry at dawn.

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closeup photography of jukebox

Sitting on an empty table, holding in my right hand a little bag full of coins, with my gaze fixed on the jukebox of the only canteen in my neighborhood. I was thinking about… what would be the next song I would select to listen to? While my heart was shaking and the blood in my veins was burning to the beat of the music. I was about nine years old and didn’t know the word shame. So, no matter what the drunks said, I sang at the top of my lungs following the musical notes of the song the jukebox was playing at that moment.

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RECHAZADO-02Have you ever heard the tale of unwanted toys? Or maybe, did you ever get a chance to see the forgotten toys Christmas movie? I do listen to the story and get excited watching the movie. I also remember that there was an animated movie about rejected toys. All the characters went through various adventures in which they suffered a lot, but in the end, they found a way to be happy.

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man and woman having dinner for the day of the dead

Like a transparent glass, totally invisible to the sense of sight is the wall that divides the world of the living from the world of the dead. One of the questions that has resonated the most throughout history is “Where do we go when we die?” And many are the questions that have arisen around that question: Is there life after death? Will we see our loved ones again when we have died? Is there paradise? Does the hell exist?

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