This is the definition of hope I like: Hope is anticipating and longing for the promised blessings of righteousness.  The scriptures often speak of hope as the anticipation of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.

Today as I looked towards the sky … And I felt that the wind that played with my hair was as cold as ice.

With my gaze fixed on infinity I was looking for consolation. Many days have passed, since you left and although I know that seeing you return is impossible, I carry your memory inside me.

Suddenly, something caught my attention. It shined so strangely. Its radiance was like the sun’s rays.

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We are in May, the fifth month of any given year, and many people have long since left aside all, or almost all their New Year’s resolutions; all of which are established at the beginning of the year in January. It is not relevant to mention that we are living in 2019, since many of us have stopped fulfilling other purposes established in previous years, too.

Each year, by custom or of their own initiative, people reflect on their past and put forth objectives they hope to accomplish in the following months. But as time goes on, they realize that they cannot follow up on any of them and they begin to somehow torment themselves, trying not to give up on their struggle to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. I have been asked, how can I establish a solid foundation to fulfill my New Year’s resolutions?

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How Universal helped me overcome depression.

A few days ago I shared a little about my childhood; this time I will write a little more about myself and I want to say that, although I have not published anything in the last weeks, I have responded directly to the letters I received and as promised I will write a little more about my life in some of my publications for the people who have requested it.

Living is beautiful, especially when we learn to enjoy everything we do and experience growth after having suffered, because at some point in our lives we are all involved in a series of unfavorable events caused by our own decisions or the decisions of those around us.

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The dictionary has a great diversity of answers as meanings of the word magic, and most of them are related to hidden things of a dark nature contrary to natural laws. But after reading many stories and topics about it, I summarized the meaning of the word magic as the fascination caused by the enchanting nature of a thing that makes us forget reality through the ability to awaken feelings, with which we try to produce positive results in a situation. Through wisely manipulating the elements around us to enchant and produce the MAGIC OF LOVE.

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In many occasions it is not necessary to think about tomorrow when it is enough to learn to live in the present without missing a single opportunity to serve and love.

Who moved the photograph? The photograph, that every morning when I woke up, I observed hanging on the wall; in front of my bed. The photograph, which reminded me of how happy I was! And how happy I want to be again!

Who moved the photograph? The photograph, where I’m seen smiling undeniably radiant with light in my eyes, reflecting the strength of my youth.

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Someone said that love is complicated and that there are several ways to love. Someone also said that sometimes love enters through the eyes to your heart. That is why there are times when nothing frees us from falling in love with pieces of modern clothing, whether or not they are thick, modest or light, bright colors, or subtly frame us with shades of gray. But they do not fit our bodies. So, we thought about solving the problem by losing weight, using shoes with thicker soles, using straps to tighten our waists, combining straps that fit our bodies to give a more symmetrical shape or simply sighing because NOTHING FITS US!

Since Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, there was a need to wear a dress to cover their nakedness because they felt shame. Thus, throughout history there has been a prevailing need to protect our bodies from the inclemency of the weather or from restless looks.



In this special time, it is good to know a bit of history to get to know the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is a celebration that, according to historians, has its origin from many pagan festivals, which were celebrated to honor mythological gods or commemorate cruel or bloody acts. In addition, history assures that formerly in the temples erected for the adoration to God, existed much ecclesiastical debauchery. That has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus Christ; According to several scientists who studied earthly events and biblical stories, they have determined that the birth of Jesus Christ occurred between the months of April or May. And that Christmas was a holiday instituted by the Roman church, which chose December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This way, all believers moved away from pagan festivals to celebrate a transcendental event such as the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST, uniting them in a single celebration called CHRISTMAS.

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In a motivational seminar that I taught, a person stood up and approached me. She approached me screaming, “How can I feel motivated?  If, every day that passes I get older?” Then she took off her wristwatch and smashed it against the ground, adding, “How can I stop the time?” I moved toward her, embracing her tightly. I said to her: “Feel free because when you break your watch you have freed yourself from the pressure exerted on you as you see how time goes with the light of day. Cry about everything you want.” I helped her to sit down and I smiled at her. After the seminar we talked. She shared everything she felt. I explained that we must learn to accept ourselves as we are at each stage of our life, to learn to enjoy and be grateful for each day lived because no one can stop the time!

How could time stop? When it drains your hands, like water that is left running because you cannot hold it.

How could time stop? When emotions begin to feel so real and undiluted, that it feels almost as powerful as a falling star that evaporates with the wind.

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July 17, 2018

What a thrill it was to return to Los Angeles, California after 28 years, I felt very excited and extremely happy to walk streets and around all the places I visited as a teen.

Long Beach! It was always in my heart. And it was one of the first places we visited. My eyes were dazed with happiness to feel the damp wind with the smell of salt, touching my skin, wetting my face and filling my mind with memories of friends, places, meals and an unforgettable adolescence. One of the attractions we were there for that day was the haunted tour inside the Queen Mary (Yes, I’m not wrong to say haunted). There were six of us in the group: My friend, Aleida and her daughter Sophie, my wife Marbel, and my daughters, Amy and Dulce. We were all anxious to be able to enter the ship, however we waited until 6:00 pm, because at that time the entrance becomes free. We began our journey ascending to the second floor, as we were looking for the bathrooms. I must say that on the second floor is the entrance to the hotel and the public bath room. I found the bathroom sensational; Everything was silent, with the sounds of doors creaking and water coming out of the faucets without falling a single drop of water serving as white noise. There was no one else in there, so my visit to the bathroom was extremely quick, but before leaving I took a picture. After I had showed it to everyone, they all laughed at me, thinking that I was crazy for taking a picture of the bathroom.

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