In a motivational seminar that I taught, a person stood up and approached me. She approached me screaming, “How can I feel motivated?  If, every day that passes I get older?” Then she took off her wristwatch and smashed it against the ground, adding, “How can I stop the time?” I moved toward her, embracing her tightly. I said to her: “Feel free because when you break your watch you have freed yourself from the pressure exerted on you as you see how time goes with the light of day. Cry about everything you want.” I helped her to sit down and I smiled at her. After the seminar we talked. She shared everything she felt. I explained that we must learn to accept ourselves as we are at each stage of our life, to learn to enjoy and be grateful for each day lived because no one can stop the time!

How could time stop? When it drains your hands, like water that is left running because you cannot hold it.

How could time stop? When emotions begin to feel so real and undiluted, that it feels almost as powerful as a falling star that evaporates with the wind.

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July 17, 2018

What a thrill it was to return to Los Angeles, California after 28 years, I felt very excited and extremely happy to walk streets and around all the places I visited as a teen.

Long Beach! It was always in my heart. And it was one of the first places we visited. My eyes were dazed with happiness to feel the damp wind with the smell of salt, touching my skin, wetting my face and filling my mind with memories of friends, places, meals and an unforgettable adolescence. One of the attractions we were there for that day was the haunted tour inside the Queen Mary (Yes, I’m not wrong to say haunted). There were six of us in the group: My friend, Aleida and her daughter Sophie, my wife Marbel, and my daughters, Amy and Dulce. We were all anxious to be able to enter the ship, however we waited until 6:00 pm, because at that time the entrance becomes free. We began our journey ascending to the second floor, as we were looking for the bathrooms. I must say that on the second floor is the entrance to the hotel and the public bath room. I found the bathroom sensational; Everything was silent, with the sounds of doors creaking and water coming out of the faucets without falling a single drop of water serving as white noise. There was no one else in there, so my visit to the bathroom was extremely quick, but before leaving I took a picture. After I had showed it to everyone, they all laughed at me, thinking that I was crazy for taking a picture of the bathroom.

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Someone has asked me to write a bit about me. About how I am inspired to write my books. About how I prepare to speak in public, to give motivational talks, or even give Sunday school classes on lessons on a specific topic. It took me a little time to decide to do it and I decided to start talking about the first book I ever wrote. I hope I have not exceeded in the length of what you wanted because this publication is a bit long, but I would like you to read it in full and enjoy it.

During my youth, I was living in a place called Pueblo Nuevo Suchitepéquez, a small town inhabited mostly by indigenous people, who were almost all Mayan descendants. I was a very outgoing child, totally different from who I am now. Despite my young age I already knew how to make bread; because I liked to spend long hours in the bakery that was behind the house where I use to live. I used to love it, making bread and especially taking care of it as it was baking, since its smell was fascinating to me; to such a degree that I could spend long hours there without feeling tired. I also enjoyed the long walks I took through the streets of the town, every time my sister, my guardian, who at the time I lived with, left to attend the school that was in another town near where we lived.

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Columbus Day. Hispanic Heritage Day. Day of the Americas. Day of respect for Cultural Diversity. Day of Discovery.

In addition to the previous names I like would to add: Equality Day. Culture day.  Day of Celebration for Hispanic Traditions.

Every year in the month of October, we Hispanics, we venture to remember and celebrate our roots and places of origin. Representing our countries with pride, regardless of whether we have one, two, three, four or even five nationalities within our blood. Dressing in colors representative of the symbols of our nationalities; filling our environment with fun, and thus show the beauty that frames our homeland.

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Have you ever imagined, how it would feel to live in a silent world? I think that more than one of us has experienced the desire of wanting to silence people, so that they would stop talking or stop listening to the noise around them, as we have also forgotten the value that family has, the health of our body, the time we share with our loved ones. People who have lost one of their senses have learned to sharpen the others they possess and feel more with the heart, which allows them to perceive the world from a more human perspective, valuing everything they have around them. If each human being learned to recognize that everything around us has a divine origin and we learned to give thanks every day for the privilege of living and loving everything we do and have, we could hear all the sounds around us with joy and gratitude.

So beautiful!      Is the movement of the water, when I touch it with the tip of my finger; circles that open and grow away from me.

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Last night I woke up crying, because I dreamed that you were walking away from me and although it may seem unreal; you were sleeping, as Juliet shouted “Romeo, Romeo, where are you that I do not see you?” Do not laugh at me! Because it was a terrible nightmare, to think that I was losing you.

But I am with you! And when I woke up, I opened my eyes and felt your breath; as I caressed and saw you next to me. What a wonderful gift and privilege! To be able to wake up, to realize that it was just an awful dream. That instead it is a wonderful reality. To have you for me!

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When I read the story of Fausto (A very original story of a man who tirelessly seeks happiness); I found it SURPRISING that he found that happiness he so longed for, in the service he performed in favor of other people. It was then that I remembered when I was a child I was terrified of growing up and losing the wonderful piece of the world that surrounded me. The company of my parents, the jokes of my brothers, the games with my friends. All the words of tenderness and the loving way with which they spoke to me.

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In one of the songs that Alejandra Guzman sang, was the phrase: THE WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS! AND I CAN NOT CHANGE IT; to exemplify what her daughter would have to face when she arrived in this world. Or as a warning that: even if she wanted to bring her to live in a perfect world, she could not give it to her! This phrase belongs to a beautifully inspirational person. A phrase that Alejandra Guzmán has embodied in letters and melodies; to turn it into a beautiful song, which expresses feelings of a mother as she waits for her baby.

Making decisions about the education of children is like entering a labyrinth. One where you will always find yourself trapped in the middle of a crossroads of advice and experiences that others want to give you so that you do not make the same mistakes they committed when educating their children. Advice and experiences in which many times we forget everything that we ourselves lived by when we were teenagers and lacked responsibilities.



When we fall in love with someone we like; We are careful, striving to do everything that pleases the other person. Trying not to make mistakes that hurt our partner’s feelings. As human beings we are always yearning for what we do not have, that is why we fight have the love of the person we like returned, striving to reach their heart. For the possibility to be able to have them by our side. But when we have already achieved it, we are bound to make mistakes. We give more value to what we have lost than to what we have, even though in many occasions we are not even sure that it has really been ours. One of the main mistakes we make is that we stop caring about what our loved one likes, wants or needs. And we began to act as our brothers, uncles, parents, friends or neighbors would; forgetting to live our life to be a part of the life of the other. To live as a couple. With which we become copiers that after having conquered the love of the loved one, we dedicate ourselves to losing it day after day by our actions. Because without realizing it, we lose ourselves, by feeling frustrated or confused. And if we do not react in time we can lose the opportunity to be happy; because if we are not happy with ourselves we cannot make anyone else happy. All therefore by simply ceasing to be authentic and original.


I’m a copier! And I copy everything that I see

I’m a copier! Of dreams, delusions, triumphs and failures.

When will I learn! That love always hurts.

When will I understand! That to love you, I must be real

 and not just a faithful copy of any portrait.

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