When I read the story of Fausto (A very original story of a man who tirelessly seeks happiness); I found it SURPRISING that he found that happiness he so longed for, in the service he performed in favor of other people. It was then that I remembered when I was a child I was terrified of growing up and losing the wonderful piece of the world that surrounded me. The company of my parents, the jokes of my brothers, the games with my friends. All the words of tenderness and the loving way with which they spoke to me.

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In one of the songs that Alejandra Guzman sang, was the phrase: THE WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS! AND I CAN NOT CHANGE IT; to exemplify what her daughter would have to face when she arrived in this world. Or as a warning that: even if she wanted to bring her to live in a perfect world, she could not give it to her! This phrase belongs to a beautifully inspirational person. A phrase that Alejandra Guzmán has embodied in letters and melodies; to turn it into a beautiful song, which expresses feelings of a mother as she waits for her baby.

Making decisions about the education of children is like entering a labyrinth. One where you will always find yourself trapped in the middle of a crossroads of advice and experiences that others want to give you so that you do not make the same mistakes they committed when educating their children. Advice and experiences in which many times we forget everything that we ourselves lived by when we were teenagers and lacked responsibilities.



When we fall in love with someone we like; We are careful, striving to do everything that pleases the other person. Trying not to make mistakes that hurt our partner’s feelings. As human beings we are always yearning for what we do not have, that is why we fight have the love of the person we like returned, striving to reach their heart. For the possibility to be able to have them by our side. But when we have already achieved it, we are bound to make mistakes. We give more value to what we have lost than to what we have, even though in many occasions we are not even sure that it has really been ours. One of the main mistakes we make is that we stop caring about what our loved one likes, wants or needs. And we began to act as our brothers, uncles, parents, friends or neighbors would; forgetting to live our life to be a part of the life of the other. To live as a couple. With which we become copiers that after having conquered the love of the loved one, we dedicate ourselves to losing it day after day by our actions. Because without realizing it, we lose ourselves, by feeling frustrated or confused. And if we do not react in time we can lose the opportunity to be happy; because if we are not happy with ourselves we cannot make anyone else happy. All therefore by simply ceasing to be authentic and original.


I’m a copier! And I copy everything that I see

I’m a copier! Of dreams, delusions, triumphs and failures.

When will I learn! That love always hurts.

When will I understand! That to love you, I must be real

 and not just a faithful copy of any portrait.

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Sometimes, all we need is a little imagination to solve our problems; to feel happy, or to build realities with which we achieve success in. Everyone at some point in their life have imagined something; then managed to turn it into reality. With imagination have developed the wonderful animated characters who have shared our childhood. With imagination we have developed the greatest inventions of all times. With imagination, whole nations have been conquered. With imagination, humanity has broken many barriers. I would even dare say that with imagination, we make sense of our own life. When we are sad it is enough to imagine ourselves in a happy moment to feel better; but also, with a powerful imagination we may project ourselves towards a better future. In school we learned that the mind is powerful, capable of designing and creating a whole world around us. I have learned through experience: that if we develop our minds in an environment where there are no limits to our imagination, without losing a sense of reality, standing firm in our intellectual, moral and spiritual principles, we will be able to have success in our life. Don’t let the past trap you. Don’t let failure stop you. Don’t let negative comments hurt you. Strive to develop your ideas and smile to the hope of one day being happy; let touches of imagination illuminate your heart. And so, you become the light that brightens every day.


I’m going to ask the stars for a sign!  That will lead me to the vast terrain

of Never Land, I want to dance over the water with Peter Pan and

demonstrate that life is beautiful if we know how to dream and live it.

I’m going to fly, over cotton clouds! I’m going to sail, on cardboard boats!

I’m going to paint, the whole world with love! All this with Imagination!

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We all live in a quickly altering world and that makes us vulnerable to suffer drastic changes in our lives. Because of this, the time we share with our children is invaluable because it fosters love, creates memories, establishes principles, helps develop good physical and mental health, organize the child’s feelings and lets them know that they are part of our lives. And our example will be a guide by which they will implement in their lives. And if circumstances by the will of God take them away from us, may we will feel satisfied that the time we were given in this world, we gave them the best of ourselves; especially if life takes them away at the young age of five.



The memory of your smile illuminates my heart; the golden color of your hair, bright like sunbeams, Cross the darkness of my memories! To give warmth to my soul, that even through time feels the pain of your loss.


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There are small things and sometimes ridiculous attitudes, which can act like the glue of a relationship. Strengthening them and creating memories with which they can laugh whenever they remember them; like: an inside joke, a badly sung song, a burnt meal, a simple I Love You; or perhaps more emotive and eloquent words spoken at the precise moment, such as: I will love you forever.

Each couple creates those special moments in a special, unrepeatable way, with which they establish a bond of complicity, joy, love and tolerance. In those cases where you become angry with your partner for whatever reason, you will still forgive them. Since those ridiculous moments (private in the life of each couple) have the power to transport them, to an almost perfect world that they have built by means of memories of something beautiful and intangible and that becomes the anchor that gives them stability, good sense, joy; as well as the strength to continue loving that special being with which they chose to live their life. In some countries it is customary to throw rice on the couple that is marrying, as a symbol of abundance and this time for the couple who wrote me, rice combined with chicken has been constituted as a symbol of union and happiness creating a recipe popular simply known as:

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There are times when tragedy and pain come together to create catastrophes in our lives; for situations that we cannot control, that literally get out of our hands. Cruel and painful moments force us to block our mind, making us feel totally devastated. Lost in total darkness, and without knowing who we are. Lost in an imaginary world where the pain we feel is so great, that we are unable to perceive what surrounds us or to feel any emotion. We are like automatons, lacking in will, lacking the desire to remain alive; totally blind to the reality we are facing. But when our senses are coordinated again with our mind and heart; then we see the reality that torments us, and our first reaction is to feel fear of the emptiness that traps our body, the loneliness that surrounds us, the helplessness that suddenly embraces us, and like children afraid of the future, we simply CRY! Fragile and alone we think we only have two options: letting ourselves be killed by pain or demonstrating our character and overcoming tragedy; struggling to keep living. Because what makes the difference in our life is not the fact that we have suffered, what makes the difference in our life is the value we give to everything we have learned together with our capacity to help each other and have happiness. To be free, sovereign and independent is akin to flying high like the Quetzal over the tragedies without ceasing to be human.



Forests and mountains, I see die! because man only thinks about building,

cities of gold and silver That will be born! at the cost of a natural life.

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During all the screams and pain the midwife said: “It’s a boy”, he will be a strong man. But no one knows what the child will have to face in life, whether it will be easy or difficult to cope, no one knows how many hits he will receive, nor does anyone know whether it will be a destiny’s toy at puberty or what kind of person he will become. But something is true that the child will have to fight to be a good father if he wants to achieve his happiness.

Many of my friends complain that Father’s Day goes almost unnoticed by their families. That in many occasions they are the ones who jokingly remind them. Some of them say that it is as if it did not have relevance because according to history the celebration of Mother’s Day is celebrated first, then the day of the child and at last the Father’s Day. Some of them believe that, due to the exemplified stereotype of the father figure as a rude, rough, strong man who is not afraid of fate, it is that he does not receive much attention, because it does not agree with his image.

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Since I was a child, I felt a strong attraction to unicorns and I always believed that when I grew up I would own a beautiful white unicorn that would take me on its back, flying through the sky. However, when I was finally able to understand the concept of reality, I came to accept that unicorns only lived in mythological tales. That their rare beauty could only truly be appreciated in paintings of the imagination, where their wings were spread open, soaring overhead. When I started working at Spirit Horse, in the Windermere Equestrian Center, I began to talk with people who provided therapy to children, to learn how to feel more confident in myself, to trust more in people. I learned again to value everything I do for myself and for others at a greater magnitude. While in my place of work there are no unicorns that take you on their backs flying in the sky, there are instead horses that when they jump they seem to fly without wings. I discovered that each horse has an invisible unicorn, hidden and with the power to transform, almost magically, the life of the human beings who ride on them; stimulating them with their rhythmic movement muscles and cerebral fluidity.


Fear, surprise, bewilderment, anxiety. Joined inside a small heart, that with a shy smile on her face tries to show an indefinite joy. But with many illusions flashing in the brightness of her eyes, waiting patiently for the opportunity to face and tame the beast that slowly approaches her. Continue reading “DREAMING IN A FAIRY TALE.”

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