OTONO-34With a slow step, and without knowing where to go, Eduardo walked with sadness imprisoned inside his chest. His thoughts did not coordinate with his steps since he knew that he could not ask any of his friends for help. However, his brain instinctively began to guide him towards Susana’s house. The road was long, and the shadows of the night began to appear out of everywhere. Eduardo walked for four hours until inadvertently he was standing in front of Susana’s door. He wanted to knock and ask to be allowed in, but he didn’t dare to do so. Eduardo was afraid of rejection by Susana. He was embarrassed too because he had nothing to offer. Feeling sorry for himself, he allowed himself to be overcome by the feeling of helplessness that he had dragged alongside him between his feet since leaving his parents’ house, which felt like a heavy burden. Feeling that he had no hope of obtaining the approval of his parents to marry Ana, he slowly slid onto his back, leaned into in the doorway until he fell asleep on the floor hugging his school bag.



OTONO-31Pale and dismayed, Eduardo could not answer immediately. He felt his whole body vibrating, while his masculinity woke up when he felt the rose of Ana’s hands caressing his face and hair. Stunned and with his mind alienated by the accumulation of sensations awakened by the smell of roses in spring that Ana’s perfume emanated, he slowly stammers “Yesss, Yes I want to marry you Ana”. As he watched as her reddish-gold hair shone in the sunlight, wishing for that moment to become eternal and never end.



IMG_0599Susana watched the clock constantly. Ten minutes had already passed after school was dismissed and Ana did not come out. Ten more minutes passed, and Susana began to despair. Something was not right, Ana might be two or three minutes late, but twenty minutes late was unusual. Susana looked for a place to park the car and began to walk towards the school office. She was nervous thinking about what could have caused Ana’s delay. Just as Susana was about to talk to the secretary, she heard Ana’s voice, “Susana, I’m here. Are we going home?”



OTONO-11With a pale face, trembling legs and holding the baby car seat, Susana was in front of the hospital doors when her friend Irene came to pick her up, to take her back to her apartment. The tragic news of the collapse of the little train was resounding in all the media, while in Susana’s heart it echoed like an explosion of anguish and fear for what might have happened to her family.

Trying to calm Susana’s visible concern, Irene spoke to her in a gentle voice, “Do not worry in advance. We will go to the scene of the accident. You will be waiting in the car, while I look for your family. You will see that they are fine, the news always exaggerates events. “



CORAZON-03During the last months I have only received letters, messages, news, and feelings that express sadness, pain, suffering, despair, misunderstanding or loneliness. And I would like to remind you not to forget the loved ones who have left on a journey with no return; back to a spiritual world where they can rest until we meet them again. We just have to remember the happy moments, the loving details, the gifts received, the signs of love, the trips, the parties, the teachings and the days full of light that we have been able to share in order to feel united with them, but letting them fly free as the wind towards a world full of sun, hope, wisdom, where it can be discovered that we do not die forever, because we are bound by unbreakable ties of ETERNAL LOVE.

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Can you open your heart to life?

DUDA-04It’s 04:45 in the morning, and I don’t remember what day it is today? The alarm on my clock has sounded loudly, blasting in my ears. With great difficulty, I open my eyes and get out of bed. I start with my daily routine and get ready to go to work. My wife and daughters are still sleeping, so I try not to make too much noise while I blend my breakfast: a combination of oats, fruits, nuts, and soy milk. The noise that the blender motor produces breaks the silence that surrounds the kitchen. My eyes close in a fleeting blink and my mind disconnects from my body.

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Obedience is an eternal principle.

woman wearing face mask

Most of us have heard, read, or seen the stories of the bible exemplified within movies at some time. For some people, the bible is the word of God, given to the world through prophets. For other people, they are just stories that help to preserve harmony in the world and that teach us through parables how to distinguish the good from the bad, in terms of human behavior. There are also people who have not had the opportunity to know the Bible or who consider it a simple historical account of imaginary and unreal events because they do not have the scientific foundations to demonstrate its veracity.

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