Yes, I wanted to help Carlos. But I also wanted to go home. I knew that I had to return to Mrs. Lola’s house before dawn or I was running the risk of staying in that town, because my sister would leave without me, I was afraid that they would abandon me there.

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I want to begin by apologizing for not continuing the publication of the following chapters of “PEPE’S HENS”. However, since not everything in life is perfect, as my mother says, the previous four weeks have been of constant learning and rediscovery of new stories in my life. Through facing a series of inconveniences that completely distanced me from what I like to do most, “Write for you”.

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The magic of a kind heart for me is enclosed in a single name, “Mago”

Everyone should have someone to talk to, who can tell the emotional changes we suffer when we are depressed, angry, anxious; or just someone to share our joys with. If it is not a chronic physical or mental problem that requires the help of a professional, specialized in solving the riddles of a mind overwhelmed by problems, at least.



Friendship may arise almost immediately, or it may take years to develop between two or more people who have known each other for a long time. Two of the outstanding characteristics of friendship are that it can become enduring and unwavering, when step by step it has been woven through the service and continuous coexistence to and with one another. Curiously enough friendship can be viewed as feminine, despite the ability to be emotionally born between men and women alike, a feeling that lodges itself directly in the hearts of human beings and perhaps within the beloved pets that live with us. Perhaps its nature, because it includes in it meaning many aspects related to the emotional and sentimental characteristics of a woman. Like, for example: The ability to feel affinity, loyalty, solidarity and love with great intensity towards another human being who is not direct family.

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When a person dies a separation of body and spirit occurs. And even though we cannot see them physically, they never separate from our side as they remain in our memories, thoughts and hearts.

In the light of a lantern in twilight! Sitting on a rock, dazed and without a fixed point, I direct my gaze towards the empty environment, wrapped in an inexplicable loneliness Dreaming of going back home!

What an impossible wish! I have asked, whispering into the wind, to allow me a moment more; even if I must steal it from eternity, just to see you again!

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