As the land of Tara is Jutiapa for me.

A place where I renew my energy and my spirit is strengthened as each cell of my body is enlivened in harmony with my religious beliefs, giving me the opportunity to feel closer to God, through the unbreakable friendships of my childhood and youth; evoking my teenage days, when fortified ties were woven into shared experiences with each one of those, who through time have remained immovable in a fraternal feeling of love, reciprocated service and pleasantly shared moments.

Jutiapa is the land where I was born, where my first memories were formed with my family. The land where my feet learned to feel the heat of its soil. Where my skin learned to feel the wonderful sensation that the rain causes when it slides down my body; my eye, dazzled, with the red sunset when the heat of the sun spreads in the environment penetrating every cold and dark space within my being until I am completely filled with its light.

Jutiapa is that wonderful corner in the universe of my life, where I take refuge when I feel helpless and I reorganize my thoughts to develop strategies that help me continue living. It is the inexhaustible elixir of knowledge and love where my roots find their origin to be reborn with power to face destiny.

Jutiapa helps me to constantly remember who I am and where I come from, so as not to let myself be overcome by my mistakes. Since that is where all my projects were born, my aspirations grown and I planned for my goals to continue advancing in the course of my life, without fear of being myself, to show myself in front of everyone just as I am.


That is why I thank God, all my family, all my friends, all those who are in some way part of my life. To those who support me by reading my publications and commenting on them. To the people who have allowed me to work with them. Because it is thanks to all of you that I have acquired the necessary experience to develop issues of human behavior, interpersonal relationships, methods to encourage personal happiness, self-motivation and to discover how to overcome depression.

I am grateful to the life that I have had to live for teaching me how beautiful it is to love through unforgettable moments of happiness. To all the tests and challenges that I have had to overcome, since it is through opposition that I have learned to value everything I have.


And again I thank God and all those people who have taught me to live with rectitude and integrity because it is through these principles that joy can be experienced in this life, since in a very personal way and while still respecting the opinion of each human being, I believe that: “Full joy is received only through Jesus Christ.”

A MILLION THANKS TO EACH ONE OF YOU and I invite you next week not to miss the beginning of a new story …


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