empty damaged room with mattress

After Elida got the job, the owner of the place assigned her a room in her house. The door was made of wooden pallets, and everybody could see through it into the room. The space was very small, barely fitting a metal cot with an old straw mattress. The room was as dark and cold as the memory of what Elida carried inside her body.

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happy young woman looking at a piece of cake with a candle

“The age of illusions” is a very appropriate phrase to describe the strength of youth that agglomerates inside each heart that dreams of discovering the world that surrounds it. The contagious smile that lit up Elida’s face showed how harmoniously her youth was complemented by her desire to be happy. Elida had always been a very pretty girl. She had large honey-colored eyes, and her soft and smooth skin was white as the clouds in the sky, lightly tanned by the rays of the sun that caressed her every time she walked through the field. Her blond hair, straight and long, fell over her shoulders like a waterfall in spring. The lips of her mouth reflected the red color of her blood like a freshly cut strawberry at dawn.

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Who I am?

close up photo of clown doll

A few years ago, while I was talking to a group of people about how difficult it can be to define ourselves through the years we have lived, a brief silence formed that was interrupted when one of the people who was present stood up.  He looked at me insistently, while with a sharp tone and directly, he asked me: Who I am? Then he just started crying.

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The wind was blowing very hard, knocking over objects, making many hats fall off people’s heads and roll as they hit the ground, revealing the ruffled hairs of their owners. Men in jeans walked proudly showing off their best pair of well-polished boots. Women wore well-applied make up, perfume, and their best dresses in bright colors which outlined their figures when walking. The atmosphere was full of laughter, flirtation, puppy-love, and the disposition to enjoy the fair. Nobody cared that the tin roof sheets resounded with a crash every time they were tossed by the wind. Suddenly, the rain fell cruelly on the entire town of Jutiapa and the people who were in the field of the fair ran in different directions, trying to find a place to protect themselves from the rain so as not to get wet.

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The light of the new day began to shine on Jutiapa, dissipating shadows of confusion and pain with the warmth of the sun, which energetically began its ascent over the sky. The birds began to sing in their nests. The flowers to spread their scent. The cold wind of the morning moved the branches of the trees and the neighborhood rooster filled the environment with its song. It seemed that the sunlight enveloped everything it touched; inviting each person who was preparing to go to work to feel the perfection of the new day in their heart.

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As the land of Tara is Jutiapa for me.

A place where I renew my energy and my spirit is strengthened as each cell of my body is enlivened in harmony with my religious beliefs, giving me the opportunity to feel closer to God, through the unbreakable friendships of my childhood and youth; evoking my teenage days, when fortified ties were woven into shared experiences with each one of those, who through time have remained immovable in a fraternal feeling of love, reciprocated service and pleasantly shared moments.

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I am tied to your life … As if the umbilical cord had never been cut.

In the journey of life there are trips that are short and other trips that are long. However, standing with your head up is very difficult when you feel as if your whole being is breaking into pieces.

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