NORA-04Remember me on rainy days. When the rain surprises you as you walk down the street, because when you feel the cold drops sliding on your skin… You will be able to feel the heat of my body, Keeping you warm!

NORA-01Remember me when the darkness of the night sneaks up on you outside the house; so that the memory of my eyes in love can light your way back to My side!

Remember me when you feel exhausted from work; so that my smile lifts your spirits and you can feel that, even though I am far away, I still support you!

Remember me when you laugh or when you cry, so that I can share your sorrows and your joys; so, you can feel that you are not Alone!

Remember me when you feel trapped, unable to find your way out; so that I can help you solve the puzzle of your Life!

Remember me when you meet each of your goals and achieve your dreams; so that we can celebrate your success Together!

Remember me when you feel the need to be heard and you don’t want to shout your sorrows to the wind; so that I listen to you without judging, without reproaches, with Love, Tenderness and Patience!

NORA-05Remember me when you are afraid to face the future; so that I can be your good luck charm and you can find the necessary courage to face Destiny!

Remember me in the nights of burning fury; so that I can put out the fire of the thousand and one nights that I want to spend with you!

Remember me when you feel that there is no more hope; so that I can be the illusion that helps you to continue Living!

But don’t remember me when I’m gone, because then my memory will hurt you and I will remain in Oblivion!

REMEMBER ME, while my soul and my body continue Alive!… At your side.



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