KING-06In my book, THE KING OF THE FARM, a reference is made to a storm in the first chapter: “The clouds darkened the sky, the thunder began to overshadow the silence, the morning turned black; suddenly there was the sound of lightning as a torrent of cold rain descended from the sky.”

How many times have we been in the middle of a storm? Feeling vulnerable and defenseless to the harmful effects received as consequences of our choices, decisions, or the mistakes we’ve made.

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IMG_4017Submerged in the immensity of uncertainty. Trying to find an explanation for why? I feel so useless, forgotten and frustrated in the face of a world that suffocates me until I feel lost in my loneliness …

Why is it so difficult for me to express what I feel? Why can’t I just be happy? Why does the pointed finger pointing at me hurt me? Why can’t I find a logical answer to why I exist?

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Have you ever been curious to know how an open-heart surgery is performed?

I am… As I have expressed on other occasions, I am very curious. I have read that an open-heart surgery can last between three and six hours, that it is a complicated procedure to perform but that it can save many lives and with modern medicine the risk of dying in an open-heart surgery is minimal. While reading about the operation, I put my right hand on my chest impressed, since to perform an operation directly on the center of the universe of the human body, THE HEART IS COMPLETELY EXPOSED TO THE VISION OF THE DOCTOR.

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Dedicated to all who have suffered or lost a part of themselves due to COVID-19.

For me, thinking that we are living a NEW NORMALITY is an error. Because it is like wanting to disguise reality, since the truth is that we must learn to live with restrictions until a cure is found. And it is the responsibility of each one of us to avoid THE DISEASE reaches our homes.

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