KING-06In my book, THE KING OF THE FARM, a reference is made to a storm in the first chapter: “The clouds darkened the sky, the thunder began to overshadow the silence, the morning turned black; suddenly there was the sound of lightning as a torrent of cold rain descended from the sky.”

How many times have we been in the middle of a storm? Feeling vulnerable and defenseless to the harmful effects received as consequences of our choices, decisions, or the mistakes we’ve made.

As human beings we are perceptible to pain through our senses. Slowly or quickly; we assimilate hurtful words, derogatory actions, discrimination, rejection, lies and the ignorance of many aspects of life.

man in gray shit sitting on rock boulder

A storm can occur in a matter of seconds CLOUDING our understanding and obscuring the perception of our senses by the way it appears in our lives. The phrase “THE CLOUDS DARKENED THE SKY” refers to the intellectual and spiritual darkness that we temporarily experience when facing problems; inhibiting our ability to react or analyze the situation we are experiencing. When a storm surrounds us, we feel that our world darkens because we get lost in the confusion of the uncontrolled feelings that oppress us internally no matter how old we are.

The peace and tranquility of our lives can be interrupted by the emergence of a conflict that, like a thunderous sound, attacks our senses. The phrase “THE THUNDERSTORMS BEGUN TO OVERSHADOW THE SILENCE”, refers to the loss of inner peace due to the recurrent sounds of our negative thoughts in the middle of a storm.

lightning and gray clouds

“THE MORNING HAS TURNED BLACK”, This phrase exemplifies how our world full of light can suddenly darken due to the temporary loss of control of our actions, since on many occasions during a personal storm we react by emotions, instinctively to return bad for evil without reflecting on the consequences.

The loss of our perception of reality is temporary insanity. “SUDDENLY THE RUMBLE OF LIGHTNING WAS HEARD”, The lightning has no sound. In a storm you can lose the ability to act under pressure; therefore, we can let our thoughts flow incoherently. Then we see and hear in a distorted way the facts of what is happening around us, rapidly feeding negative feelings with which we produce lighting where there is no sound.

photo of house and lightning storm

Finally, problems or conflicts hit us like a bucket of cold water when we least expect them. “WHILE A TORRENT OF COLD RAIN DESCENDED FROM THE SKY”. Normally, due to our human nature, we look for someone to blame for everything that happens to us. One unconscious way of doing this is to blame God for allowing suffering to exist. So, we express our sadness or pain with laments. Complaining about everything that happens to us. Hoping that if heaven sent us problems, it is heaven itself who will solve them for us.

The storms in our lives appear unexpectedly; but as human beings we have the ability to face, solve and overcome any conflict. Regardless of its emotional, spiritual, or economic circumstances; through cultivating, strengthening, and improving our character, good habits, self-love, coping skills, selfless service, and charity.

brown bare tree

The next time the clouds overhead darken around us, let’s take a deep breath to calm our senses and calm our emotions. In this way, we will be able to think clearly and act responsibly without losing our senses or our resilience to face traumatic circumstances without letting ourselves be overcome by pain.

IMG_0320If you believe in God, remember that his love is light and that light travels at 300,000 kilometers per second, so before the sound of thunder announcing a storm comes into your life, his love of light will already be giving you consolation and sheltering you within his protection.


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