KING-06In my book, THE KING OF THE FARM, a reference is made to a storm in the first chapter: “The clouds darkened the sky, the thunder began to overshadow the silence, the morning turned black; suddenly there was the sound of lightning as a torrent of cold rain descended from the sky.”

How many times have we been in the middle of a storm? Feeling vulnerable and defenseless to the harmful effects received as consequences of our choices, decisions, or the mistakes we’ve made.

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Obedience is an eternal principle.

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Most of us have heard, read, or seen the stories of the bible exemplified within movies at some time. For some people, the bible is the word of God, given to the world through prophets. For other people, they are just stories that help to preserve harmony in the world and that teach us through parables how to distinguish the good from the bad, in terms of human behavior. There are also people who have not had the opportunity to know the Bible or who consider it a simple historical account of imaginary and unreal events because they do not have the scientific foundations to demonstrate its veracity.

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At the age of 7 I liked to run in the backyard of my parents’ house, where there were many big trees. My father liked to plant fruit trees and harvest vegetables. I perfectly remember that at the end of the patio there was a jocotes tree, cashew tree, guava tree and there was also my favorite tree, the tallest and most imposing mango tree that my young eyes enjoyed observing; whose branches were fill with güisquil, loroco and pashte (luffa or scourer) vines.


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