I have heard this phrase repeated countless times throughout the years of my life, especially when it is intended to be used as an excuse, affirmation or denial of an action that has no reasonable justification. Also, when there is a negative, capricious, disobedient, or simply irresponsible behavior.

But I do not agree with that term. Because the phrase “WE ONLY LIVE ONCE”, in my personal judgment is not correct since there is a very marked difference between living and life. So, for me the most appropriate way to say it would be “WE ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE”, although I must note that there are many beliefs that differ from this school of thought and there are other people that believe that a human being has many past and future lives, leaving an intermediate space unfilled in what would be their “PRESENT LIFE”. So, to not get controversial, I remind you that I firmly believe that every human being is free to believe or worship wherever and whatever they wish, according to the thoughts of their own conscious.

Searching in Google, I found one meaning of the word LIFE, “The period of time that goes from the birth to the death of a living being with the essential property or quality of evolving, adapting to the environment, developing and reproducing. “

For the word LIVE, I had to make a summary of several different meanings because I did not find a single definition. “It is spending life in a certain place with specific habits or circumstances, which allow us to be in the proper state of mind to create memories. Going through certain situations or experiences that make us, according to the passion with which we carry them out depending on the good or bad circumstances that we have to face in life. “

Using the Bible, we can obtain understanding on one of the meanings that there are about the word LIFE, “It is the temporal and spiritual existence that is made possible through the power of God. It is the breath in the nose or breath of life that a body receives and through which it begins to live. “

LIVING, “It is having the ability to find the Light of Christ, which is the divine energy, power or influence that comes from God through Jesus Christ and that leads us to find happiness on this earth and Eternal Life in paradise. Manifesting in man as the conscience that helps him distinguish between good and evil. The Lord is my light (Psalm 27: 1).

So, we actually only have one life and if we lose it, we don’t get it back, but living is something different, because we live each time when we love ourselves. We live every time we breathe. We live every time we are doing things we enjoy. We live every time we hug, kiss, and make our families happy. We live whenever we generously share what we have with those in need. We live when we passionately strive for success in everything we do. We live when we just smile and sincerely give thanks for all that we have. We live when we accept that we are wrong and correct those wrongdoings. We live when our emotions turn into feelings that linger in our hearts. We live when our actions become memories that will last for eternity. We live when we enjoy the food we eat. We live when we are happy in our jobs. We live when we selflessly serve others. We live every time we stumble, but we do not give up. We live every time we hurt ourselves with our mistakes and despite the physical, intellectual, or emotional wounds we strive to overcome the pain. We live every time someone offends us, and we forgive them. We live every time we look in the mirror and we repeat that we love, respect, and accept ourselves as we are. We live when we learn to know our strengths and our weaknesses and take responsibility for all our actions. We live when we discover that we are guilty and responsible for everything we do, and we learn not to hold others responsible for the consequences of our actions.

To end, I have to say that to live is to value the life we ​​have in the present tense, not in the future nor in the past. It is enjoying all the simple and wonderful things that the Divine or human creation has put in this world. Living is learning to be free with responsibility, respecting every living being in their right to live their lives as they want to live it. Living is believing in God, praying constantly during our lives to be able to overcome the temptations of the world and Satan. To live is to come to know Jehovah and to make our hearts his home.


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