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At the age of 7 I liked to run in the backyard of my parents’ house, where there were many big trees. My father liked to plant fruit trees and harvest vegetables. I perfectly remember that at the end of the patio there was a jocotes tree, cashew tree, guava tree and there was also my favorite tree, the tallest and most imposing mango tree that my young eyes enjoyed observing; whose branches were fill with güisquil, loroco and pashte (luffa or scourer) vines.

SOMBRERON-04One of my favorite activities at sunset when the sun covered the entire environment in a reddish color and reflected flames of fire burning in intense yellow color on the ground, was to run at the maximum speed that my body allowed me, until I reached the mango tree where making a great effort I jumped as high as I could to hold on to one of its lowest branches. Then I climbed from branch to branch until I reached the top of the tree, where crossing my legs I held securely so as not to fall, while I raised my arms towards the sky and between shouts mixed with whistles, I vocalized a strange sound in all directions.

One day someone said to me, “You are a weird child” and then he asked, “Why do you do that every afternoon?”

CORAZON-07Smiling as he pointed to the highest part of the mango tree, I replied, “Because every afternoon I stop being a child to become a Phoenix that grows stronger every time the sun fades into flames of fire and I am reborn to overcome the terror that the night before has left in my life. So, I can overcome the fear that threatens to trap me in its darkness with the approaching night, to continue living … tomorrow. “

Hearing my response, he said, “You are doing well, because many will be the times when you will have to overcome the darkness, while you feel that you die of fear and be REBORN, leaving sadness or pain in oblivion.” Then he raised his right hand and using his index finger, wiped away the tears that slowly began to flow from my eyes. After he placed his hands on my head, he blessed me and just vanished along with the sunlight.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left pain, sadness, brokenness, and several consequences in the lives of many people, but the human being can overcome all of them. Unless it is death because we cannot resurrect ourselves. So, if we are alive, we can start over and be REBORN on the rubble caused by this pandemic, overcoming the pain experienced to continue living, no matter how difficult it may seem.

The unknown is coming. Screams and lamentations reach my ears!

I close my eyes, while with my hands I try to block out the sounds that torment me.

I feel that it will be impossible to be REBORN, because I die slowly burned by the pain of your absence.

My eyes are like springs that moisten the mask that hides my feelings but reveals my entire life through its light. And I would like to become like a child so as not to question the reason for what happened?

MASCARA-11Feeling unable to contain the evil that flying in the air, I try to keep my distance from everything around me. Striving to survive the cry of pain that is imprisoned inside my chest and that threatens to destroy everything I want, while slowly breaking me inside.

How can I be strong? To say that I am REBORN, enduring the pain until I overcome the absence of taste and smell, while the temperature of my body rises making me feel that I lack oxygen and that I am drowning in my own wounds.

Testing what little Faith I have left; I kneel to beg for mercy. Praying for the plague to fade. But contrary to what I expect, the darkness comes and takes me in its arms. Feeling that I am dying, a spark of light is fired that clarifies my understanding. Then I discover that I am still alive, and I accept myself as a survivor, capable of starting over to build a different world.

Because in me, there is the seed that can create LIFE …

IMG_4833All living beings face trials in this life. Tests that make us feel pain or sadness. People who endure pain become strong, and on many occasions, they learn to live with that pain attached to their bodies. But people who learn to overcome pain, overcoming the wounds or suffering that that pain has caused them, elevate themselves to a higher level because they ARE REBORN every day as they continue living with courage, leaving what happened in oblivion, to get the smile back on their faces.

Just as a woman is reborn to a new life, feeling full of love, courage, and determination, after suffering the pains of childbirth when she becomes a mother for the first time, she forgets everything she suffered when she holds her baby in her arms, full of happiness. Likewise, humanity can be reborn by approaching the God of the universe.



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