Leaning on the hood of the car, staring up at the sky, the moonlight was reflected in my pupils illuminating my dreams. Wrapped in the silence of the night, I let my thoughts fly through infinity, until my spirit found harmony with the universe.

I turn on the radio and let the romantic music of bygone eras flow through my ears, enjoying the moment. And with my gaze, I catch stars in my eyes, and I think of you.

The gentle wind that moves the leaves of the trees resounds as a sad murmur of hidden voices from the shadows of my past, which mixes with the music contaminating the sweetness of my feelings.

So, I ask the brightest star in the sky, who has not fallen in love? Who has not been captive in the presence of the person they love? Who has not suffered by love; that they do not know how the heart can hurt? And I think of you, because I find your scent in the wind that dispels the sad murmur of my memories.

A smile is born on my lips and I see your face projected in my thoughts, igniting the adrenaline of my emotions that consume me inside. Wrapped in temporary madness I cry out to the wind, TO BE IN LOVE IS A TORMENT!

But only those who give themselves completely can understand how wonderful and contradictory this feeling is, that it clings deep into the marrow of my bones when you are not around.

Those who have not suffered for love, do not know the true happiness that fills the soul when problems are eliminated. Because love blooms in the spring of illusion, taking shape in every heart that beats strongly. Love is born in the truth of a poem and the honesty of tender words.

In my temporary madness, I think of you, trying to touch the stars. What does it matter the pain that your absence causes! If when you are with me, I breathe through your existence. I enjoy the touch of your hands that complement me. I caress your lips and regain my sanity through your kisses.

Then I scream again, BEING IN LOVE WITH YOU IS A WONDERFUL TORMENT! That makes me feel alive by rejuvenating my brain, awakening the emotions in my skin, ones that keep me trapped in your body.


 Living in love with you, IS NOT A TORMENT. Living in love with you is a CHALLENGE that I want to face every day through time. Because when the feeling is nurtured, love can be ETERNAL.


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