happy young woman looking at a piece of cake with a candle

“The age of illusions” is a very appropriate phrase to describe the strength of youth that agglomerates inside each heart that dreams of discovering the world that surrounds it. The contagious smile that lit up Elida’s face showed how harmoniously her youth was complemented by her desire to be happy. Elida had always been a very pretty girl. She had large honey-colored eyes, and her soft and smooth skin was white as the clouds in the sky, lightly tanned by the rays of the sun that caressed her every time she walked through the field. Her blond hair, straight and long, fell over her shoulders like a waterfall in spring. The lips of her mouth reflected the red color of her blood like a freshly cut strawberry at dawn.

Five years had already passed since Elida left the field to move to live with her sister Rosa, who had married Jacob, the love of her life. Whom she had met at the village school and with whom she had shared since the second year of elementary school. Elida was ten years old when their mother died of cancer and shortly after her father remarried. Elida’s stepmother turned out to be a very rude woman with bad feelings. She frequently sought reasons to mistreat little Elida to the point of causing her physical harm, and her father never defended his little girl. Rosa took her to live with her and her husband.

blonde woman in pink floral dress standing in the middle of the road

Jacob was indifferent to the fact that Elida went to live with them. During the five years that Elida had lived with them, the home environment had been very pleasant and happy, where little Elida had enjoyed understanding and affection. Jacob had always been very kind and cordial with Elida, although he rarely talked to her, on some occasions he had helped her with school tasks. But the inexorable passage of time had done her job. And when Elida was fifteen years old, she became a beautiful young woman, with a singular beauty that began to trouble Jacob’s mind, inflaming his senses every time he had her near him. So, Jacob began to look for any excuse to spend more time alone with Elida.

Sometimes the circumstances of life place perfectly coupled scenarios on which the most negative feelings emerge, accompanied by perverse, lascivious thoughts, capable of emerging deplorable actions in the best and most good human beings. As if on the pages of the book of life the destinies of people were written with ink blood through the hand of the devil himself. So, it was like one winter night, while the rain fell copiously on all the houses of the town, that Rosa became ill with the flu and a high fever.

woman lying on bed while blowing her nose

Wrapped in a blanket and suffering from chills, Rosa asked Jacob to prepare a medicinal tea to help her relax. Jacob brought her tea along with some pills that would help her sleep better. Rosa took the medicine, knowing that it would make her feel better. Almost immediately the medicine took effect on her, causing her to fall into a deep sleep. Taking advantage of the fact that his wife was fast asleep and that the rain had turned into a noisy storm, Jacob went in search of Elida.

He found her in her room doing her homework. When Elida saw him entering her room, she smiled at him and asked, is my sister feeling better? Jacob did not answer her. Since her eyes were red with ecstasy and her mouth gasping with desire for her. He abruptly threw Elida’s notebooks to the ground, while he began to undress her violently. Elida screamed and begged, but Jacob didn’t stop until he outraged her with perverse sadism.

mysterious woman portrait

Jacob stayed in Elida’s room almost all night until her animal instinct was completely satisfied. It was no longer raining when Jacob left Elida’s room. The light of the new day did not bring any calm to the troubled heart of the young lady. With her body in pain and her self-esteem destroyed, Elida went in search of her sister. With her voice broken between tears, she told everything that had happened to Rosa. When Rosa heard Elida’s words, she became furious. With a crazy attitude, she held Elida tightly and hit her several times on her face. Then she threw Elida to the ground yelling that Jacob would never do anything that could hurt her.

Rosa yelled, “LIAR” to Elida while holding her tightly by her head. Rosa then began to drag Elida around her house until she took her out, to the street. Before closing the door of her house, Rosa spits at her sister Elida saying “WHORE”.

woman showing her back

Outraged, with blood on her clothes, with devastating pain in her soul and body, Elida was in the middle of the street, on the ground damp from the rain of the previous night. With bitter tears running down her cheeks, she stood up before the unscrupulous gazes of some people who accused her of making conjectures about what happened; without giving her any help. Having nowhere to go, Elida began to wander the streets. Her aimless footsteps led her to the other side of the town. Not knowing exactly what she was doing, she stopped in front of a large sign that had written on it, “HELP WANTED for cleaning.” Wiping her tears with the torn sleeve of her dress, Elida entered the place to apply for the job.

The owner of the place, a stocky woman, short, with white skin, and black hair cut in a military style, watched Elida from head to toe for a few seconds. Then, without asking anything, she told her, “THE JOB IS YOURS.”



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