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What is most important? It was a question that came up in the middle of a conversation. The sounds of the words that made up that question fleetingly dissipated nebulously in the environment, at the same time that they entered the thoughts of all those present at that meeting.

The question caused confusion and gave rise to new questions; The most important of what? What for? Why? Whose? It seemed that they were all talking to themselves or perhaps trying to complete the sentence enclosed in the question marks, since their interrogation was incomplete, lacking a subject.

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Some laughed, others got angry, others began to criticize that the concentration of the group and the central concept of the conversation had been lost. After a few minutes everyone fell silent and while silence reigned, I asked the person to repeat the question in a more specific way, to try to answer it.

What is the most important thing that I can leave in this world and take with me when I die?

The way we express ourselves vocally or bodily says a lot about what we are feeling or perhaps even what we are thinking, when the words that come out of our mouth carry a deep intonation and emotions are manifested through our eyes with sparkles from the soul.

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Sometimes we believe that we are obligated to leave a legacy that will sustain our existence even when we are physically no longer in this world. Sometimes we get confused thinking that providing means working from dawn to dusk seven days a week. We get overwhelmed by assigning ourselves too many tasks each day, sometimes more tasks than we can handle.

When we get sick, time passes slowly in front of our eyes, the hours go by peacefully, giving the feeling that the day is longer than normal. When we are healthy, we move in a hurry, we work overtime, we want to solve each one of the pending problems that we have written in our to-do list. Then it seems to us that time is passing too quickly and that the hours of the day are not enough. So, we need to keep moving fast.

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Sometimes we forget that we have twenty-four hours in every day of the year. When that happens to us, our perception may confuse reality with our dreams or desires. Creating a conflict in our lack of identity in our internal or external “ME”. For which we believe that everything is fine, although emotionally we do not know who we are. Then, without realizing it, we lose ourselves in a demanding world, in which we have stopped LIVING long before we experience the physical death of our bodies.

LIVING is feeling, loving, experiencing, making mistakes, discovering, dreaming, dancing, smiling, crying, suffering, working, eating, walking, etc.… But everything happens in due time and in its respective place so that we can meet again with ourselves, without reproaches, without guilt, without remorse, without pending tasks and without feeling lost in a world that we cannot control.

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TO LIVE, is to be responsible, respectful, charitable, educated, loyal, honest, etc… Learning not to be conformist but organized. Not trying to control the uncontrollable. To not let ourselves be led by easy paths, but to walk with justice, constantly fighting to respect the property of others, applying wisdom, perseverance, and love for others.

So, when the opportunity to eat ice cream, inhale the aroma of a flower, walk in the rain, play with your children, enjoy time with your family and friends, study, travel, smile, and love; “DON’T STOP” following the impulses of your heart and be HAPPY.

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Because the most important thing we can leave in this world is a smile and memories of a happy life in the hearts of all the people we have met. Because no matter how fast we live our lives, in the end we won’t be able to take anything material with us. Because the most important thing that we should take with us when leaving this world, are all our experiences embodied in our SOULS and the true knowledge of knowing that we lived our lives “IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY.”



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