The magic of a kind heart for me is enclosed in a single name, “Mago”

Everyone should have someone to talk to, who can tell the emotional changes we suffer when we are depressed, angry, anxious; or just someone to share our joys with. If it is not a chronic physical or mental problem that requires the help of a professional, specialized in solving the riddles of a mind overwhelmed by problems, at least.

I am fortunate to have found my private therapist a few years ago, while suffering from depression and facing a series of economic, family, work and physical problems. This happened while attending in school, while I had been attending an English class. Many people had previously told me about her, describing her as an unconditional friend and as someone willing to help without expecting anything in return. Due to coincidences of life, my desk mate in the classroom was the husband of this mysterious woman who was credited with having the gift of healing to restore the physical mobility of a body stunted by overwork, a blow physical, muscular tension or chronic stress.

One day of normal classes I was a little physically sore, suffering from all the symptoms caused by the flu, when she approached me and said, “I know how to cure the symptoms of the flu, if you trust me, let me touch your arms. ” I extended my arms and she put pressure on each of them a little below my shoulders. Then looking into my eyes, she told me, “Tomorrow you will feel better and see that you will be cured of the flu, but I would also like to eliminate the sadness of your eyes and help you get rid of the conflicts within your heart. I can perceive that you have great potential to help yourself and others, but you are lost, aimlessly, wrapped in a depressive feeling that does not let you be free.”

That day began my friendship with the charismatic woman, possessing a simplicity that shows the humility that allowed her to listen, respond, accept, correct and undertake the necessary steps to achieve success in all the tasks proposed. And that without selfishness she shares with all of us who have the privilege of knowing her.

Today I asked her if she would allow me to do a brief interview and she agreed to answer some questions while preparing to go out to look for her children at school, so I am pleased to be able to share with you all this conversation with my friend, Mago.

 How does you feel, think and live during every stage of your life?

-Without fear. For me, life is like crossing a tunnel where you are going to walk, breaking the walls of the obstacle. Challenging the world, defying fear, defying hunger. Eventually turning those obstacles into victories won.

How does you remember the years you’ve already lived?

-As history. By remembering everything I’ve lived; after the years pass, for me all that has already happened, becomes history. And all those tests that I have faced because of what we call destiny; the tests that arise in our walk through the tunnel of life, have brought out the best in me as a human being. When reflecting on my story, I realize that every year that has passed, I live a new experience that becomes wisdom.

Do you ever complain about life or problems?

-I do not. I don’t complain because what I call my history continues, it hasn’t stopped. I do not complain because it’s a part of life. In addition, the problems and needs that I have had to face, taught me to live and recognize that I am only the result of my own decisions.

Do you have someone to thank for everything you have lived?

-Yes, I thank God for allowing me to walk in the tunnel of life and learn to know this long road that has ups and downs. And despite these ups and downs, I want and accept my path in this life because it is a gift from God. And I will continue walking through this life with much love, without losing sight of my path, always looking for a better tomorrow.

Finally, how do you face the challenges within the tunnel of life?

-By living between love and courage. Taking control of myself. I love myself and accept myself as I am. I change what I can change, and I see my qualities as virtues. I disinherit myself from complex and bad habits, thus freeing me from the constant complaint. Applauding and approving my work that’s done. I share what makes me happy, because this has made me a free person. I have created my own destiny with my actions. I perform my tasks with a lot of passion and dedication. I have learned to improve everything I do by betting on long-term success. I make endless time for something and everything around me becomes better. Because I am at a point in my life where everything is already funded.

I hope you enjoyed this brief interview with Mago, a humble woman who is achieving success while she is crossing the tunnel of her life.


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