As a child I learned to enjoy the colors of nature by carefully observing the different shades that could be seen in the bark of a tree, in the leaves of a bush, in the shell of a fruit, in the skin of an animal, in the reflection of the light on the water, in the dawn of a hot day, in the sunset of a cold day, in the darkness of the night where the moon shines covered with silver, in the raindrops and in the eyes of the people  I love.

As a child I learned to perceive the smells of fruits with intensity, placing them on the palm of my hand and bringing them close to my nose, I sniffed them with my eyes closed to be able to discern the essence that they carried inside, and even without having tasted their flavor I learned to taste on my palate the level of its sweetness, simply by breathing in its aroma I learned to distinguish its texture and consistency.

On many occasions I heard other people ask me if I was okay, because instead of biting immediately and eating in a hurry, I slowly nibbled it the fruits I ate, enjoying every bit I put in my mouth. And so, came a constant attraction for the preparation of food that over the years has become a tool of entertainment that I enjoy every moment.

For those who know me they know that I have always liked to cook. Since for me cooking is an art that implies having passion to create and design an ephemeral work for our senses. Because preparing food helps me to release my culinary imagination, while I prepare the ingredients, mixing natural species, combining flavors, washing and cutting vegetables, seasoning meats; All my senses are organized and allow me to create an imaginary world in which I am the owner.

When I became a teenager I was teased, with many people calling me homosexual, maricon, effeminate, simply because I differed from other teenagers who used their free time to play some sport. I liked to spend long hours in the kitchen rewriting my mother’s recipes, adding or removing ingredients and modifying them to my personal way of preparing food, which later I enjoyed passionately. It causes a feeling of joy and personal satisfaction to see the happiness within other people who enjoy my food.

Now as an adult I continue to prepare recipes of my own, or of others, with the same passion with which I did it as a child. And very devoutly I choose fruits and vegetables through their scents, colors and seasoning; which I choose through my senses because from the moment I see the perfect fruit or vegetable that I need, I confirm with the contact of my hand its consistency and through my sense of smell, the quality and balance that the ingredients need to be part of my ephemeral works of culinary art.

And if you ask me, if it was worth all the teasing that I was subjected to as a child? The answer is tattooed in my heart for the happiness I feel, when people smile and enjoy the food I prepare. Because they spontaneously smile at me, while they say, “This is a delight”, and they tell me “You are a great chef.” But I am not, because I did not study to be a chef. I simply do what I am passionate about, using the perfect ingredient of LOVE, in each of the meals I prepare and that as a result creates the magic of COOKING.



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