Friendship may arise almost immediately, or it may take years to develop between two or more people who have known each other for a long time. Two of the outstanding characteristics of friendship are that it can become enduring and unwavering, when step by step it has been woven through the service and continuous coexistence to and with one another. Curiously enough friendship can be viewed as feminine, despite the ability to be emotionally born between men and women alike, a feeling that lodges itself directly in the hearts of human beings and perhaps within the beloved pets that live with us. Perhaps its nature, because it includes in it meaning many aspects related to the emotional and sentimental characteristics of a woman. Like, for example: The ability to feel affinity, loyalty, solidarity and love with great intensity towards another human being who is not direct family.

Throughout history great examples of true friendships have emerged, which have even sacrificed part of themselves for the sake of others. However, it is a bit complex to look for a concrete definition of the word friendship in books, dictionary or documentaries; because it is always defined as an affectionate relationship between two or more people and I say complex, because friendship is much more than that. Since it involves our feelings, interpersonal emotions with characteristics of empathy towards other people, where feelings of honesty, trust, security, loyalty, jealousy, filial love, compassion and solidarity are manifested; which we reveal through the many stages of our life that help us develop our personality and create a solid character in ourselves by the interaction of mutual coexistence outside the home. For these reasons, it is extremely important to know how to choose and value our friends.


Film and television have used this feeling to create and develop fictional characters that maintain a constant relationship throughout the film and perform various feats in the name of friendship that unites them. Likewise, they have created a stereotype about friendship between men, saying that it cannot be true, because it makes them weak in character and of doubtful definition of gender. Which is totally incoherent because a person’s gender does not define their ability to develop a friendship with other people. Also, they have misrepresented the friendship between man and woman; since in film and television they will almost always end up in a feeling of mutual sexual attraction, stating that friendship only exists between women or that the expression of pure friendship can only arise between people of the same sex because they do not pursue hidden goals or desires .

These mistaken approaches to friendship often generate all kinds of teasing among schoolmates with mean-spirited phrases such as: “They are boyfriends,” “Get out of the closet,” “Get married and stop fooling yourself,” ” they cannot separate for a moment because they’re in love. ” With which they effect one of the most important relationships in the stage of a teenager who begins to develop feelings of trust and love towards other people outside of family and mark the life of each human being; because they are in a formation process, learning to know themselves, developing their personality, learning to recognize their emotions as sentimental, which I would not like to say that they are altered but extremely open and willing to express themselves. And that, if they are not controlled and well managed by themselves, they can cause serious problems of adaptation and feeling of not belonging to the environment that surrounds them.


Within our families it is important that we learn to establish those emotional connections of friendship while still being parents, brothers, children, so that blood love and mutual respect are not lost. Supporting us constantly, communicating what happens around us to prevent conflicts from arising, so that we do not feel frustrated and depressed. Through friendship at home we can get to know each one of our family members better, because we are all totally independent beings and with totally different aspirations from others. If we do so, it will be much easier to establish friendship with other people in school, work, church and out community. If we learn to establish a bond of lasting friendship over time, we will never lose our friends from childhood, from our adolescence, and we can keep those we currently have. And every time we talk to them or meet, whether by chance or planning, we become beings capable of reviving and reaffirming the friendships we possess with the same intensity as when you first connected; discovering that when we are able to provide the best of ourselves to others, we humanly grow and spiritually we get closer to God.


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