MAIZ-06The expression of amazement on a child’s face when they receive a pleasant surprise or discover something new for the first time, reflect the purity of his heart that overflows with joy; the innocence of his thoughts and the love that surrounds them.

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COVID-19 is a lie for some people. But for people who have suffered from the disease or who have lived the experience of losing a loved one “IT IS A REALITY” that is destroying us physically or emotionally. This post briefly tells a love story temporarily interrupted by quarantine, then illness, until it became a permanent separation from the loved one.

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Last night I woke up crying, because I dreamed that you were walking away from me and although it may seem unreal; you were sleeping, as Juliet shouted “Romeo, Romeo, where are you that I do not see you?” Do not laugh at me! Because it was a terrible nightmare, to think that I was losing you.

But I am with you! And when I woke up, I opened my eyes and felt your breath; as I caressed and saw you next to me. What a wonderful gift and privilege! To be able to wake up, to realize that it was just an awful dream. That instead it is a wonderful reality. To have you for me!

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When a person dies a separation of body and spirit occurs. And even though we cannot see them physically, they never separate from our side as they remain in our memories, thoughts and hearts.

In the light of a lantern in twilight! Sitting on a rock, dazed and without a fixed point, I direct my gaze towards the empty environment, wrapped in an inexplicable loneliness Dreaming of going back home!

What an impossible wish! I have asked, whispering into the wind, to allow me a moment more; even if I must steal it from eternity, just to see you again!

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When we fall in love with someone we like; We are careful, striving to do everything that pleases the other person. Trying not to make mistakes that hurt our partner’s feelings. As human beings we are always yearning for what we do not have, that is why we fight have the love of the person we like returned, striving to reach their heart. For the possibility to be able to have them by our side. But when we have already achieved it, we are bound to make mistakes. We give more value to what we have lost than to what we have, even though in many occasions we are not even sure that it has really been ours. One of the main mistakes we make is that we stop caring about what our loved one likes, wants or needs. And we began to act as our brothers, uncles, parents, friends or neighbors would; forgetting to live our life to be a part of the life of the other. To live as a couple. With which we become copiers that after having conquered the love of the loved one, we dedicate ourselves to losing it day after day by our actions. Because without realizing it, we lose ourselves, by feeling frustrated or confused. And if we do not react in time we can lose the opportunity to be happy; because if we are not happy with ourselves we cannot make anyone else happy. All therefore by simply ceasing to be authentic and original.


I’m a copier! And I copy everything that I see

I’m a copier! Of dreams, delusions, triumphs and failures.

When will I learn! That love always hurts.

When will I understand! That to love you, I must be real

 and not just a faithful copy of any portrait.

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One of the hardest separations in this life, is that between a mother and her children. Especially when this happens in a person’s childhood. All at some time in our life, we return to the past when memories come to our mind. And I know, that nostalgia surrounds many when mothers’ day approaches. Either because she is not alive, because she is far from us or because we think of her care and love …


Today I woke up with nostalgia, for the memory of my childhood at your side and I felt a strong impulse; to stand in front of the mirror, to talk to myself. Last night I dreamed that you hugged me and hid in your arms.



What can you say to an ugly woman? This question made me feel tender. And I let myself see, that there is confusion in the person who sent it; because there are no ugly women. They all have their personal charm. In addition, the beauty of a woman may be emphasized in her character, way of being, way of life or physical appearance. But, above all things, the beauty of a woman is based radically on the attitude with which she faces and presents life; unfolding as Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Teacher, Sister and an infinity of other professions that she performs. Women, NEVER SEE YOURSELF AS UGLY, because you are divine creation of the God of the universe.


Force alive, strong and energetic!

Cruel and evil, but extremely beautiful.

Mud flower, lotus flower, cherry blossom;

That poisons every vein and kills, but sweetly

Everybody stares at you and yearns you.

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I wrote this some time ago. I am posting it again; because some people have asked me to.   And, I want to add; that being a legal or illegal immigrant is often synonymous of rejection. If somebody  were to ask me to write about it; I could only say that it is a very broad topic. That the laws have been written for the benefit of all the citizens of each country and that therefore we must respect and be governed by the laws of the country where we live. But it is not up to us to judge the legality or illegality of anyone, because everyone has their own reasons and own circumstances to decide where they want to live.


Last night, while I saw the sky covered in multi colored lights, my eyes filled with tears and my mind with reminders as I prayed to the God of the universe, that someday I may also celebrate my own liberty.



Overcoming the pain of losing a loved one due to cancer is very difficult, and sometimes more painful is to continue living the first days after they passed away.



Slowly you have closed your eyes, how peaceful now is the expression of your face and how silent are the beatings of your heart; I would like to be able to transmit my warmth inside your body and hear you smiling, while you hold my hand and tell me I love you!

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