In the middle of the party, Fred stopped the music and shouted, “It’s time to open the presents. But this time I will not be the first one to give out the gifts I bought. Because we have a mysterious businessman who anonymously sent us many gifts, coincidentally with the number of people in our house. But let me tell you that my heart knows that the mysterious man is called Ebenezer! Uncle Ebenezer, I give you the honor of being the first one to deliver the gifts. And I must add that we have no gift to give you this Christmas because we did not know that you would be here with us, but tomorrow I will personally take your Christmas gift to your office.”

Ebenezer walked to the fireplace. He stood in front of the group. With a broken voice, he said, “The greatest gift I have received for many years of greed, is the gift of your forgiveness and love. Today I enjoyed an unforgettable Christmas with my family and friends. Just like the Christmases of my youth.” Ebenezer bowed his head and began to cry, full of emotion. Then wiping his tears with his scarf, he began handing out the gifts he had brought, remembering the thought he had put into each one, just as the Spirit of Christmas Present had shown. The joy in his heart exceeded the limits of all logic, as the gifts Ebenezer distributed did not come out of his pocket, they came out of his heart. And symbolically, they were not paid with money, but with the most sincere and honest repentance of his Soul.

Christmas night passed amid laughter, games and love. The next morning Ebenezer rushed to work and, as always, was the first to arrive at the office. But before using the key to open the door, he used his cane as a tool, to remove the plaque from the entrance where Jacob’s name was, as his partner, and throw it away. “I’m sorry Jacob, but the past is behind me, it’s time to make changes to what our company is like.” Then he entered the office and sat, waiting for Bob’s arrival.

Minutes later Bob, arrived at the office. The Christmas night celebration had been very different for the Cratchit family, as they had spent long hours eating turkey. When Bob entered the office, Ebenezer said in a loud voice, “Bob it is late. Do you think I pay you to be late and steal work hours?”

Bob replied, “I’m sorry sir, Christmas night was very different this year and that’s why I’m late, but I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Of course, it won’t happen again,” Ebenezer shouted and continued talking, “It won’t happen again because you’re fired.”

Bob’s eyes widened; his mind began to explode with questions. “How will I support my family if I get fired? What will I tell Mrs. Cratchit? How can I help little Tim?

Seeing the concern reflected on Bob’s face, Ebenezer began to laugh and said, “I see that Mrs. Cratchit did her job well, saying nothing. Don’t worry Bob, you’re fired, but from your assistant position only. As of today, you’ll be my partner and we’ll put it on a new board at the entrance to the office. You will also need an assistant and I thought it could be your oldest son, so he won’t have to work with Fred. Because what better mentor for a boy than his own father and you can choose his salary. I already hired another man to be my assistant. That man will soon arrive because he is living in the shelter for the poor and needy. I also want to tell you that we will open another office very soon where we are going to give about three more people a job opportunity. I want to expand my industry and thereby help improve the quality of life in this town, offering job opportunities with a fair salary.”

Stunned Bob asked, “Sir, are you alright?”

Ebenezer happily replied, “Better than ever and although it seems impossible, everything I have said will be fulfilled. Merry Christmas Bob. You can have the day off, go home and enjoy it with your family. Oh, by the way, this day I will also pay you; and the pay will be double. Tomorrow we will start working on the new projects.”

Bob thanked Ebenezer and thinking Ebenezer would he regret what he had said, Bob ran back home. The Spirit of Eternal Christmas that was present told Ebenezer, “This year’s Christmas is over. But thanks to you and the men of good heart I will live forever, and I will remain on the earth while there are human beings willing to give without expecting anything in return. Willing to serve for love. Willing to live and fully enjoy all that life gives them without selfishness. Willing to share without judgement and criticism. Willing to live as brothers. Congratulations! Ebenezer, because you have learned all this and with your actions you have given me life to be able to shine in within humanity. I will always remain wherever there is need, and where there is also a hand ready always to help.”

With a wide smile on his lips Ebenezer said, “So be it. And I promise you that I will be the best man in this town, and I will repair with good deeds all the evil that may I have caused. I pray that the Light of eternal Christmas will shine forever in our hearts, our actions and may God Bless Us All.”



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