About an hour had passed since Ebenezer returned home and went to bed, so his body regained the physical strength he needed to continue enjoying Christmas Day. When he woke up, his spirit was overflowing with youth, and his eyes had the brightness of happiness and satisfaction produced by being honest and generous with other people. Standing in front of the mirror, Ebenezer spoke; joy expressed in his words. “I feel like a youngster, with all the desire to live my life and enjoy everything around me, but with wisdom. I must take care of my health, if I want to live many more years. Because the mirror reminds me that although my spirit became strong, vigorous and young, my body has deteriorated over time. But that will not be an impediment for my attitude to always be positive and cheerful.”

      Then he put on his hat and sighed, exclaiming, “Oh, if men learned to live in freedom in an orderly manner, respecting each human being as a brother; our individual world would not be filled with constant conflict.”

       The Spirit of Eternal Christmas perceived the feelings of Ebenezer’s heart and said, “What we need in this world is to constantly remember that human beings are temporary travelers in this earthly life. That when the body ages and the years pass, so do the dreams, aspirations and good works we have done fade over time. So, it is best to laugh, enjoy and live every opportunity we must share with our loved ones. Serving with joy in our hearts to collect unforgettable memories, instead of collecting objects that accumulate and fill with dust as they are stored in a corner.”

      Ebenezer closed his eyes, placed a smile on his face, squeezed his cane tightly. Then opening his eyes, showing the brightness in his pupils and with satisfaction he said, “Spirit of Eternal Christmas, I pray that your light will shine constantly in my heart and be reflected in my actions. Let’s go create memories that I can collect in what I have left of life, enjoying it with the people that love me. We’ll go to my nephew Fred’s house, it is time to give back the love that I always expressed despite my bitterness in the past; because I was always bad, pushing him away from me, hurting myself in the end.”

      Then Ebenezer began to walk steadily. Determined to show that he had learned to live and enjoy the privilege of having his nephew Fred, which was the best gift that his beloved sister Fan had given him in this life.

     Upon arriving at Fred’s house, Ebenezer knocked on the door softly, hesitating, as he had become nervous. When they opened the door, he said, “I come to meet my nephew Fred, please let him know that his uncle, Ebenezer, is here.”

      Ebenezer was sitting on the sofa in the living room, when Fred came to meet him, “When they told me you were here, I couldn’t believe it.”

      When he saw Fred arrive and have him close, Ebenezer’s eyes filled with tears, his heart began to pound, and his whole body shuddered warmly. In front of him, was the vivid image of his much remembered and beloved sister Fan. Ebenezer wanted to express what he felt; to hug Fred, apologize, to tell him he was willing to change and improve his Uncle- Nephew relationship.  And ask Fred to allow him to be like a father to him. However, he remained silent, drowned with the tears he held in his eyes that hindered the sound of his voice; because he didn’t know how to express or say what he felt.

      Fred, receiving no response from his uncle, simply approached Ebenezer and hugged him tightly. As he said in his uncle’s ear. “Uncle Ebenezer, the happiness I have of having you in my house is so big that I want to tell you that you don’t have to say anything. God has allowed me to fulfill one of my recurring wishes every Christmas. Being able to enjoy your company is priceless. Welcome Uncle Ebenezer to your house, let me introduce you to Clara, my wife.”

      Clara had remained silent watching the encounter between Fred and Ebenezer. Moved by the scene, she said, “Welcome Uncle Ebenezer. Fred has waited for this moment for most of his life, and I am very happy to meet you in person. Fred has told me so much about you. Uncle Ebenezer, will you stay for dinner with us this Christmas?”

    Ebenezer, observing Clara from head to toe said, “You are very beautiful, and I know that in addition to beauty, you have a heart willing to love and serve. If you allow me, and my presence does not bother you, I would love to stay for dinner and enjoy all the games both of you organize every Christmas. I will stay to toast with you, I will stay to enjoy these newly awaken emotions in my heart, to convert them in feelings that will remain unchanged over time.”

       Clara walked towards Ebenezer and looking into her husband Fred’s eyes, she smiled. Then Clara and Fred hugged Ebenezer at the same time. Ebenezer enjoyed dinner as if it were the first time, he had ate in all his life. All the people present kindly received him and made him participate in all the games. Ebenezer laughed, jumped, shouted, danced and expressed all the emotions contained in his heart in such an empathic way, that he spread his joy to everyone present.




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