The first time I watched the movie “A Christmas Carol”, I was a child of approximately 8 years old and I was captivated by the movie from the beginning to the end, but it left me with the feeling that the movie was incomplete because to my way of thinking that the movie ended abruptly, simply with a brief explanation of what happened on Christmas Day and the following years after Ebenezer changed his ways. From then until today, I have waited patiently for a second part of the film and after all these years I have grown tired of waiting for another part of the famous book that had yet to be written, so I have decided to make my own version of the ending to “A Christmas Carol” and I have titled it:

“The Fourth Spirit of Christmas”,

     After being subjected to face the reality of his existence by the spirit of future Christmas, Ebenezer felt that he was torn apart internally by the intensity of his emotions to understand that he had wasted much of his life working hard in the accumulation of material wealth with a single thought in his brain, “Increase your economic heritage.” With which he had lost many opportunities to live, enjoy, and accumulate spiritual wealth that would have made him feel very happy. The three Christmas spirits who had visited him helped him acquire a different perspective of what a love of life and neighbor is, whereby Ebenezer learned that working hard with the sole objective of accumulating material wealth lacks meaning and can become extremely harmful, because it can destroy the soul of those who allow greed to live in their hearts; in such a way that it separates them from true happiness next to all loved ones. But if the search for material wealth is carried out with the objective of helping and serving those who need it more than ourselves, the accumulation of wealth becomes a blessing capable of healing wounds caused through time. Transforming hunger, pain and misery into smiles that feed the spirit of each human being, turning them into light that gives life to everything around. Ebenezer learned that ambition and the possession of material wealth doesn’t have to be harmful. The bad thing is what we do or don’t do with those riches if we stop using them wisely.

The remorse for the mistakes made towards himself and the fear of not being able to have enough time to correct, amend and restore the damage that his greed had caused to the people he loved; kept Ebenezer lying on the floor, with his eyes closed and extremely confused at not knowing if he was still alive or already dead. In opposition to the physical fatigue he felt for not having slept all night and that began to take over his body, his senses woke up to capture the sounds that came from the street. Then opening his eyes, he stood up and ran to the window of his room. He observes through the crystals on the window that the day was just beginning, and that people continued to move on in their life in a normal way. So, without thinking, he opened the window just when a little boy was walking in front of his house and shouted, “Hey boy, what day is today?

The little boy looked at him in amazement and with an expression of doubt he replied, “Lord, today is December 25, today is Christmas.”

Ebenezer could not believe what he was hearing, he was alive and had the opportunity to enjoy Christmas Day, which was just beginning. His Spirit radiated happiness, so that his body was strengthened, the expression on his face was transformed into sweetness, his heart was filled with gratitude and joy. Then I shout again, “Child, do you know if the big turkey they have hanging in the store has not been sold?”

Even without understanding Ebenezer’s attitude, the little one answered, “No, it has not been sold, sir; the turkey is still hanging in the store and is the largest I have ever seen in my life”

“Perfect, can you go find the store owner and tell him that I want to buy it? If you come back quickly with the turkey and the seller, I will pay you two coins,” Ebenezer told the boy.

Ebenezer stood a moment in front of the window, watching the little boy run hurriedly while leaving his footprints on the snow. With a huge smile on his lips, he took a deep breath of cold air. Ebenezer’s brain separated the aromas he smelled and for the first time after many years his whole being returned to enjoy the sweet and scented Christmas essence that came from the street. Then he closed the window and started walking back to his bed. Forgetting the tiredness he felt, he quickly changed clothes, getting ready to go for a walk. Ebenezer was eager to walk the streets of his city, wanting to listen to carols and buy many gifts. At that moment the little one and the store owner arrived with a huge turkey.

The store owner was amazed to see who the person who had requested the turkey was Ebenezer Scrooge and with distrust in his voice asked, “Are you the man who wants to buy this turkey?”

Ebenezer smiled, he didn’t need an explanation of why Ebenezer attitude, with his reputation and all, had the store owner in disbelief, “Yes, it’s me”, extending his hand as he gave a paper with the address of Bob and the Money for the turkey with a generous tip. “I could take it to this address, and tell them it’s a gift from a friend, but don’t tell them my name.”

Happy for the sale made and the tip received, the store owner said, “Of course I can. I will deliver it right now.”

Ebenezer, then gave the little one three coins, who opening his eyes greatly thanked him, “Thank you sir and Merry Christmas.”

The little boy ran away, happy to have received three coins instead of the two coins that had been promised. Ebenezer had dressed up. He carried in his hand his best cane and pants pockets full of money. His eyes shone with happiness and on his face, he showed determination to do the right thing, while his thoughts evoked all those people that the spirits had shown him. With a firm step and a heart full of love, Ebenezer began to walk feeling completely alive and in harmony with himself and with others in the direction of the gift shop.



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