The COVID-19 pandemic has come as a thief in the night, SILENT, RAPACIOUS AND DESTRUCTIVE, moving slowly. Without feet or shoes, it does not make any noise, becoming completely UNNOTICED.

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Two shadows were reflected on one of the walls, one was the shadow of Mrs. Lola and the other was the shadow of a fat hen with a long featherless neck. It seemed as if they were facing each other like they were talking. The flames of fire that came out from under the comal lit up the interior of the kitchen causing the shadows on the wall to move in undulating motion due to the heat from the flames.

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The first time I watched the movie “A Christmas Carol”, I was a child of approximately 8 years old and I was captivated by the movie from the beginning to the end, but it left me with the feeling that the movie was incomplete because to my way of thinking that the movie ended abruptly, simply with a brief explanation of what happened on Christmas Day and the following years after Ebenezer changed his ways. From then until today, I have waited patiently for a second part of the film and after all these years I have grown tired of waiting for another part of the famous book that had yet to be written, so I have decided to make my own version of the ending to “A Christmas Carol” and I have titled it:

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A partir de entonces la actitud de mis hijas cambio totalmente, casi siempre estaban de mal humor, con rebeldía comenzaron a contestarme mal cada vez que trataba de corregirlas, rechazaban la comida y se quejaban por todo.  El comportamiento de ellas hacia mi novia se volvió despectivo e irrespetuoso. Cuando se portaban mal corrían a esconderse a sus cuartos y si yo las seguía mi pequeña traviesa se interponía desafiante bloqueándome el paso, parándose en medio del pasillo. 

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In a motivational seminar that I taught, a person stood up and approached me. She approached me screaming, “How can I feel motivated?  If, every day that passes I get older?” Then she took off her wristwatch and smashed it against the ground, adding, “How can I stop the time?” I moved toward her, embracing her tightly. I said to her: “Feel free because when you break your watch you have freed yourself from the pressure exerted on you as you see how time goes with the light of day. Cry about everything you want.” I helped her to sit down and I smiled at her. After the seminar we talked. She shared everything she felt. I explained that we must learn to accept ourselves as we are at each stage of our life, to learn to enjoy and be grateful for each day lived because no one can stop the time!

How could time stop? When it drains your hands, like water that is left running because you cannot hold it.

How could time stop? When emotions begin to feel so real and undiluted, that it feels almost as powerful as a falling star that evaporates with the wind.

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In one of the songs that Alejandra Guzman sang, was the phrase: THE WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS! AND I CAN NOT CHANGE IT; to exemplify what her daughter would have to face when she arrived in this world. Or as a warning that: even if she wanted to bring her to live in a perfect world, she could not give it to her! This phrase belongs to a beautifully inspirational person. A phrase that Alejandra Guzmán has embodied in letters and melodies; to turn it into a beautiful song, which expresses feelings of a mother as she waits for her baby.

Making decisions about the education of children is like entering a labyrinth. One where you will always find yourself trapped in the middle of a crossroads of advice and experiences that others want to give you so that you do not make the same mistakes they committed when educating their children. Advice and experiences in which many times we forget everything that we ourselves lived by when we were teenagers and lacked responsibilities.



En una de las canciones que Alejandra Guzman escribió, se incluye esta frase: ¡EL MUNDO ES COMO ES! Y NO PUEDO CAMBIARTELO; para ejemplificar lo que su hija tendría que enfrentar al llegar a este mundo.  O como advertencia de que:  aunque ella quisiera traerla a vivir a un mundo perfecto ¡No podría dárselo!  Esta frase pertenece a una de las inspiraciones más bellas, que Alejandra Guzmán a plasmado en letras y sonidos; para convertirla en una hermosa melodía, que expresa los sentimientos de una madre cuando espera a su bebe.

Hablar de la educación de los hijos es como meterse a un laberinto; donde siempre te vas a encontrar atrapado en medio de una enredadera de consejos y experiencias que otros te quieren dar para que no cometas los mismos errores, que ellos cometieron al educar a sus hijos.  Consejos y experiencias en las cuales muchas veces nos olvidamos de todo lo que nosotros mismos ¡Vivimos!  cuando fuimos adolescentes y carecíamos de responsabilidades.



We all live in a quickly altering world and that makes us vulnerable to suffer drastic changes in our lives. Because of this, the time we share with our children is invaluable because it fosters love, creates memories, establishes principles, helps develop good physical and mental health, organize the child’s feelings and lets them know that they are part of our lives. And our example will be a guide by which they will implement in their lives. And if circumstances by the will of God take them away from us, may we will feel satisfied that the time we were given in this world, we gave them the best of ourselves; especially if life takes them away at the young age of five.



The memory of your smile illuminates my heart; the golden color of your hair, bright like sunbeams, Cross the darkness of my memories! To give warmth to my soul, that even through time feels the pain of your loss.


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There are times when tragedy and pain come together to create catastrophes in our lives; for situations that we cannot control, that literally get out of our hands. Cruel and painful moments force us to block our mind, making us feel totally devastated. Lost in total darkness, and without knowing who we are. Lost in an imaginary world where the pain we feel is so great, that we are unable to perceive what surrounds us or to feel any emotion. We are like automatons, lacking in will, lacking the desire to remain alive; totally blind to the reality we are facing. But when our senses are coordinated again with our mind and heart; then we see the reality that torments us, and our first reaction is to feel fear of the emptiness that traps our body, the loneliness that surrounds us, the helplessness that suddenly embraces us, and like children afraid of the future, we simply CRY! Fragile and alone we think we only have two options: letting ourselves be killed by pain or demonstrating our character and overcoming tragedy; struggling to keep living. Because what makes the difference in our life is not the fact that we have suffered, what makes the difference in our life is the value we give to everything we have learned together with our capacity to help each other and have happiness. To be free, sovereign and independent is akin to flying high like the Quetzal over the tragedies without ceasing to be human.



Forests and mountains, I see die! because man only thinks about building,

cities of gold and silver That will be born! at the cost of a natural life.

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