The COVID-19 pandemic has come as a thief in the night, SILENT, RAPACIOUS AND DESTRUCTIVE, moving slowly. Without feet or shoes, it does not make any noise, becoming completely UNNOTICED.

Its unexpected arrival surprised us all, paralyzing all activity outside our homes, making us fall BACKWARDs as trapped fugitives; cornered against a WALL.

Laments are heard as the daily SUFFERING of the people had grown to be too much to handle. Others screams echo in the distance because they miss how HAPPY they were as children. His words sound in the EMPTY STREETS like a fictional story, remembering how they played without pain or worry, always having CARE and ATTENTION by their side.

There are people who feel they FAILED because they cannot find a SOLUTION to what they call an ECONOMIC PROBLEM for the entire nation. And they refuse to FIGHT to regain their place in a world polluted by INCOMPREHENSION.

Because it is incomprehensible! That despite the disease there is still LOVE.

Because it is incomprehensible! The DESIRE to fight to be better live on.

Because it is incomprehensible! That despite so much human destruction, the meaning of the word, UNION, has made sense.

Many people react as like they were walking dead, because they are letting their inner being DIE; thinking about what they have lost and screaming their REGRET because they do not find consolation for their pain as they unfold in a world full of INCOMPREHENSION.

Because it is incomprehensible! Trust in our CREATOR and believe that GOD can give us a better world.

Because it is incomprehensible! Think of a personal REDISCOVERY in your HEART.

Because it is incomprehensible! Walk by FAITH holding GOD’S hand.

And yet they take upon themselves the name of the destroyer, COVID-19, that they write in all the possible places around them, while they cry in despair at a CLOSURE they consider ILLOGICAL, but which has REMINDED us of the human capacity to ADAPT , STRENGTHEN and OVERCOME any situation.

Now we are more RECEPTIVE to love, COMPASSIONATE to pain, GENEROUS in service to our neighbors, because we are remembering how valuable SOULS are, in the eyes of GOD.

We are learning not to BEAR FEAR of the situation, as we are learning to be OBEDIENT and to live with RESTRICTION. But the most important thing is that we are learning to STRENGTHEN our FAMILIES; sharing, playing and enjoying their COMPANY, demonstrating that we are capable of GIVING and RECEIVING love despite the fact that the world TURNS AROUND at the word, INCOMPREHENSION.


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