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There are emotions that are difficult to bear or control due to the cataclysm they cause inside our bodies. Especially when they attack us directly in the heart. Human emotions are instantly aroused as positive or negative reactions to external influences that we cannot control. And although they can start as simple sparks of fire, they can grow uncontrollably, forcing our brain to suppress all bodily functions to avoid suffering from an intense pain that could destroy us completely.

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Eduardo watched stunned as Susana fell to the ground. While Nora watched him completely bewildered, not knowing how to react to the cries, mixed with tears from April and John. Some people ran to help Susana. Eduardo remained petrified without being able to coordinate his movements. His brain was unresponsive, his senses were distorted, his heart raced, and his perception of reality faded, as it was becoming very difficult for him to define the degree of selfishness or love implicit in his own actions. The sound of an ambulance began to float in the environment, while Alicia held Eduardo by his shirt, uncontrollably yelling words at him that Eduardo couldn’t understand.

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The reception was suspended. No one knew who called the ambulance, or how the ambulance came so quickly, but it was a blessing for Susana that she was immediately transferred to the hospital. April and John were in shock feeling the rejection of Nora, who was fighting to keep them away from her. The twins did not fully understand what was happening. For them there was only one truth “their mother was not dead”.

In the midst of bewilderment, DISAPPOINTMENT took over Nora’s heart, who intensely looked at Eduardo with anger. Nora approached Eduardo looking for an explanation. But Eduardo, was speechless and with a completely cold body.  He could not articulate a word. Then Alicia, took her daughter by her right arm and pulled her away from Eduardo. April and John sought the protection of their father and hugged Eduardo who continued to be frightened and unable to move.

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Many events occurred during the four days that Susana was unconscious in the hospital. Susana had suffered a pre-heart attack, her recovery was slow, and the medications administered by the doctors had kept her sedated. When Susana opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Nora’s face. A smile played on her lips, and she slowly raised her right arm to caress Nora’s face, while she constantly repeated, “ANA”.

“I’m not Ana, my name is Nora. I am also your granddaughter. I am Ana’s twin”, Nora said softly, as she kissed Susana’s forehead. “My mother told me the whole truth on my wedding day with Eduardo. I never knew that I had a grandmother. That day I found out that my parents were not the ones who raised me. This situation has been very difficult for me. I have stayed with you all these days, my heart feels love for you, although I did not know you. If you allow me, I want to stay by your side. I want to go live with you. Right now, I don’t want to be with Alicia; I don’t want to see Eduardo again either.” Nora paused and then began to cry. Her beautiful emerald, green eyes overflowed like seas out of its bounds at high tide, spilling from the depths of her soul, sadness, disappointment, pain and much confusion through her crying.

OTONO-48The suffering that Nora was experiencing deeply moved Susana and she reacted by hugging her, wrapping her in her own warmth, transmitting her security by making her feel that she was not alone. Susana wanted to ask a lot of questions to dispel her own uncertainty about what had happened during all the years Nora had been away from her. But her prudence told her that this was not the time to ask questions, but to give love. For which she stayed quiet, keeping Nora in her arms while she stroked her hair.

The day Susana got out of the hospital; she went with Nora to Alicia’s house to get some things. Alicia wanted to prevent Nora from leaving her house, but Nora, ignoring everything Alicia said, rushed to collect her belongings. Susana looked at Alicia with disdain, suppressing her desire to sue her for what she had done years ago since Nora had asked her not to act legally against Alicia because she didn’t want her to be imprisoned.

When Nora finished gathering her belongings, she left her room without saying goodbye to Alicia. But before opening the door to leave the house, she felt a strong hand grab her left arm. “You’ve been dodging me these days. But we have to talk. I need you to give me a chance to explain why I didn’t tell you the truth about Ana.” Eduardo said with broken words.

OTONO-43Nora turned around. She stared at Eduardo, then with anger and pain in her words she snapped back, “Let go of me! What are you going to explain to me? You came to tell me that every time you kissed me, you were kissing my sister. You came to tell me that every time you look at me you look at her. You used me to replace Ana. I loved you, I gave you my heart. You have been very cowardly to remain silent and not tell me the truth from the beginning. I don’t want to see you Eduardo, understand that I’m dying of pain. I need to get you out of my life. You do not love me! You are still in love with Ana and in me you only see the reflection of your love for her.”

Listening to Nora, Eduardo grabbed her around the waist and knelt in front of her. His honey-colored eyes showed that he was suffering. His face was pale and there were dark circles around his eyes. His parched lips parted to apologize, but the cry drowned his words inside his chest. Seeing the desperation that Eduardo reflected, Nora began to cry because she loved him. However, she pushed him away yelling at him, “You don’t love me, you’re still in love with Ana.” Then Nora opened the door and ran out into the street.

Eduardo remained on his knees, stunned by Nora’s reaction. Then he surprisingly stood up and ran after her.



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