OTONO-27We have probably heard on occasion that the world is very small and since it is round, sooner or later we will meet again with people whom we have not seen in a long time by chance or coincidences of fate. Alicia uses to live in the same neighborhood as Eduardo, she was a neighbor of her parents and a close friend of Eduardo’s mother. Although Eduardo knew that Alicia had a daughter, he never had the opportunity to meet her, because Alicia and her husband sold her house and moved out of town months after Nora was born. However, Alicia had kept in touch with Eduardo’s mother, but she always came alone whenever she visited them. Approximately, more than five years had passed since the last time Eduardo saw Alicia, so Eduardo’s astonishment when he met her again was overwhelming for him. Especially since she was Nora’s mother, who was physically identical to Ana and it was impossible for Alicia not to know that, because Eduardo’s mother had sent her photos of him and Ana’s wedding, after Ana died.

Without understanding her mother’s attitude, Nora watched with curiosity as Alicia and Eduardo remained silent, waiting for her to leave them alone so they could talk. So, Nora went to her room. Then in a commanding tone Alicia said, “I hope you won’t interrupt me, until I finish talking. Because after I’m done talking, I’m going to ask you to stay away from Nora and not look for her anymore.”

OTONO-12Alicia maintained a rough attitude and she looked defiantly, directly into Eduardo’s eyes, as if she didn’t know him. “My daughter was born the same day that Ana and Nora were born. In the same hospital. I left the hospital the same day as Nora, the mother of the twins. Nora, Juan, and I got on the little train that passed near the hospital at the same time. I sat on the bench facing them. We started talking and Nora told me that she had given birth to twins, she told me that one of the twins would travel by car with her grandmother Susana and they had not yet chosen a name for her. The other twin she was carrying in her arms was named Nora just like her. That day while we were talking an accident happened. The little train derailed falling into the void, Nora and Juan died in the accident as well as my newborn baby. I was left with several injuries and despite being stunned, I realized that little Nora was alive. So, I took her in my arms next to my dead baby girl and automatically leaving the rubble I walked for several hours until I got home. My husband healed my injuries, which were not serious. He convinced me not to look for Susana to return her twin. We buried our little girl as a victim of the little train accident. No one ever asked us anything. We decided in honor of her parents, to give the little girl the name Nora. We sold our house, moved out of town, and registered the baby as our daughter. Every once in a while, I visited your mother.  I stayed to sleep one or two nights at her house. I knew where Susana lived, so I took advantage of the time to walk near her house, with the intention of being able to see her from afar and make sure that no one was looking for the other twin. Over time I stop feeling afraid of being discovered and enjoy my little girl to the fullest. Nora and Ana never met. But despite living apart, there was always a strong connection between them, because Nora experienced the same feelings as Ana, her concerns, her pranks, and in her dreams, she could see everything that Ana observed during the day.

OTONO-19Alicia paused and then continued, “I always tried to get Nora to have a normal life, but it was almost impossible to achieve until the day Ana died and the connection between them ended. Eduardo, you don’t love Nora. You see in her the reflection of Ana. I told you everything, so that you understand why you can’t continue by my daughter’s side, that’s why I demand you stay away from her. Change University and forget about my daughter. Nora’s life had become normal until you appeared in her life. Don’t ruin her chance to be happy by staying by her side and bringing up a past that will make her unhappy. Nora knows nothing of her origin. She is my daughter, and I am going to defend her happiness, removing from her path everything that can harm her.”

OTONO-34Eduardo was amazed by everything he heard. Susana never told him that Ana had had a twin sister. Ana hadn’t told him either, perhaps because she didn’t know either. Eduardo felt how his heartbeat accelerated, at the same time that his chest burned uncontrollably. Placing his right hand on his chin, while he rubbed his chest with his left hand trying to calm his pounding heart, he stood up to say in a loud voice, “NO!”

Eduardo walked a few steps and positioning himself in front of Alicia, he fisted his hands. Feeling the heat from his body ignite, he rebelliously looked directly into Alicia’s eyes and almost screamed, “You can’t control Nora’s life. You can’t control my life either. I’m not going to walk away from Nora. Because, although I still love Ana, I am also learning to love her. If you do something to keep Nora away from me, I will tell Nora the whole truth. So, think very carefully what you decide to do, because I’m going to ask Nora to marry me.”

OTONO-31Eduardo’s attitude made Alicia feel afraid. It seemed as if Eduardo’s mild character had disappeared as he was unwilling to lose Nora. Alicia maintained a rude attitude, however, her entire being was breaking into pieces inside her body. If Eduardo told Nora the truth or talked to Susana, her whole world would be lost.

Trying to make one last attempt to get Eduardo away from her daughter, Alicia said, “You are a selfish man, trying to satisfy your own desires and you don’t think about the damage you can cause to Nora. Reflect on what you feel because it cannot be love. Nora deserves to find a man who loves her for being herself and not for being someone else’s memory.”

OTONO-32“Nora, deserves a man who loves her for being herself, and I am that man.” Eduardo said placing his right hand over his heart and added, “I promise you that I will cleanse my feelings, my thoughts and that my emotions will be all for Nora. Because I am sure that if life gave me the opportunity to find her, it is because she and I can be happy together. I can’t forget the past, nor erase everything I lived with Ana, but I can start a new life next to Nora. I know that she loves me because I represent a fantasy in her memory, but I will fight until true love emerges between us.”



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