A phrase that resonated in my brain every December and that had a lot of meaning throughout my childhood each time a family member or friend got sick was, nobody dies on Christmas Eve. My mother would repeat it to me, while she caressed my hair when she saw me worried about someone’s health. Then my Spirit would rejoice, my faith strengthened and the hope that everything would be okay was reborn in my heart.

NAVIDAD-02The year 2021 left painful and indelible marks full of sadness in many families I know. People I love, with whom I have shared many experiences with, with whom I have cried to their sadnesses, celebrated their triumphs, shared their joys. And even though I was clinging to the phrase “NOBODY DIES ON CHRISTMAS EVE,” many people died in December.

NAVIDAD-08There were times when my Faith wavered, while my eyes shed tears in abundance. But the conviction that everything has a purpose and the knowledge that death is only a step towards eternal life, filled me with the strength to find the right words to offer comfort, putting aside my own sorrows.

The year 2021 also left behind triumphs, satisfactions, economic prosperity, and family unity in the many people I know and with whom I have had the privilege of sharing and celebrating their successes.

NAVIDAD-01Which made me notice that the year 2021 has not been different from other years, because while some people laughed, others cried; while some people enjoyed, others suffered; while some people went for a walk, others suffered in the hospital; while some people went to the gym, others dealt with poor health; while some people ate in restaurants, others lacked food; while some people lived in abundance, others lacked the minimum material resources to live their lives.

NAVIDAD-03During the month of December, I have not published. The new chapters of my stories have stopped. Videos, motivational messages have stalled on electronic devices. The month of December was like a whirlpool in which illnesses, financial problems, job changes, unexpected trips, sad news, interrupted projects, negative responses were entangled; all the while a smile was reflected on my face that contrasted with my repetitive thoughts that “MAYBE ONE LAST EFFORT IS NOT WORTH IT”, but the phrase “NOBODY DIES ON CHRISTMAS EVE”, remains latent in my senses, taking on a different meaning. Because death is not only physical, but also spiritual when we give up and let our negative attitudes rule our existence.

And although I have not written, I continue reading, listening, and analyzing everything I observe. During the month of December, I have repeatedly come across a question asked in different ways, but which in the end has the same answer:


NAVIDAD-05Answering that question is a bit complicated, since not all people are willing to accept the answer, they receive. Instead, justifying themselves and their actions, refusing to recognize that the only culprit for everything that happens to us is ourselves. Since no one is to blame for the consequences that we have to face for our decisions.

People who live in abundance are not guilty or responsible for people who lack economic resources. The circumstances surrounding self-sufficient people are totally different from those who have not been able to get out of poverty. And they have a lot to do with taking advantage of opportunities, inheritances, constant work, temporary sacrifices for future benefits, efforts made and academic preparation; a different way of thinking, acting, and facing the difficulties that surround them. So, if we want economic improvements, let us look for opportunities to progress by making the most of the resources we have with the intelligence of asking Our God in Heaven for wisdom so that through his guidance we can overcome the challenges that prevent us from reaching our goals.

NAVIDAD-04Currently we have access to the lives of the many people around us through social networks, but if you do not have the emotional capacity to accept the economic success of other people, you simply do not have to follow them on social networks to avoid the adverse feelings that prevent us from focusing on our own goals.

People who have strong, happy, and nearly perfect families in the eyes of other people, have achieved this through love, forgiveness, compassion, and mutual service. Respecting and accepting each other individually as a fundamental part of their families. Which does not mean that they do not have problems or challenges. But if it hurts us to observe the happiness of other people or we feel hurt because we believe that we have not achieved our family expectations, we must analyze our attitudes because on many occasions our thoughts and desires are totally different from what we do, reflect, or express with our language alone. And when it comes to affectionate relationships, we must be precise and clear with what we say or do so as not to hurt feelings. Strive to give love, compassion, and service to the people we love by focusing on our family goals rather than looking too closely at other families.

NAVIDAD-06So, before we ask ourselves, “whose fault, is it?” decide that from what happens to us, it is best to analyze the decisions that we are going to make as many times as necessary, until we are sure that what we have decided is the right thing to do. Because once we have decided to do or say something of our own free will or through the influence of someone else, we will have to face the consequences of those decisions without looking for other culprits, because one hundred percent of the time the only ones to blame are ourselves.

And if someone judges us for our mistakes or tells us that “ONE LAST EFFORT IS NOT WORTH IT” or that “WE ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING”, let’s remember the phrase “NOBODY DIES ON CHRISTMAS EVE” as a symbolism that we are CHILDREN OF GOD, to find the necessary strength to continue living since we will not die as long as we continue to believe in ourselves.



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