OTONO-52How it hurts to breathe when sadness oppresses the heart, especially when the pain grows inside our chest, limiting the space available for our lungs to work properly. With slow movements Eduardo tried to open his eyes, the spotlights intensity blinding him. Little by little his pupils got used to the light and his brain began to understand the images he received through his eyes. Eduardo recognized that he was in the nurse room at the university.

He suddenly began to cry silently. Eduardo was confused and could not comprehend what he had seen. It couldn’t be possible that Ana was alive. But he was not asleep when he saw her; so, it couldn’t be a dream. Eduardo’s eyes kept shedding tears when he heard that unmistakable voice that made him twitch on his bed, “Are you feeling better now? My name is Nora. I study medicine and I am doing my internship here in the nurse room of the university. With the help of some friends, we brought you, because you fainted. May I know your name? “

OTONO-19Dismayed and unable to contain the tears from his eyes, Eduardo tried to answer, but his lips trembled causing the sound of his words to remain immersed in his mouth. Eduardo’s skin prickled and his entire body trembled as he felt Nora’s hand on his forehead as she told him, “You can stay here tonight. I’ll be back early tomorrow. When I get back, if you’re feeling better, we can talk a little about your health. “

Then Nora went to get her car from the parking lot. Then she went to her house. When she got to her house, she opened the door and smelled the delicious smell of freshly baked apple pie coming from the kitchen. Nora quickly walked into the kitchen because she knew her mother was there, “Mom! I’ve seen him. You will not believe what happened to me today at the university. It’s wonderful to know that I’m not crazy. Because I saw him, mom. I don’t know his name, but the man of my dreams exists. He is alive”

Alicia, Nora’s mother was concerned as she watched her daughter express herself with such emotion, “Calm down Nora. Explain, who have you seen? “

OTONO-29Nora’s eyes were shining with happiness, “I have seen the man, who I have dreamed so many times in the last few years. I have told you about my dreams, mom. He is the man I love. He is the man to whom in dreams I have given myself. I have felt his hands caress my body. His lips kissing mine. He is exactly how I have seen him in my mind. Many times, I thought I was going crazy, because I fell in love with someone I could only see in dreams. But now I know that this man exists and tomorrow I will see him again. “

With a worried tone Alicia replied, “Nora, since you were a child, you have had those dreams that disturb you, but with the help of the psychologist you overcome that inexplicable double life that only exists in your mind.”

OTONO-32 “No, mom.” Said Nora rudely, “There have been many times that I have seen myself sharing with people I do not know. I have had labor pains without being pregnant. I have suffered the pain and concern of some children that do not exist because of a maternal feeling that awoke in me without logical explanation. And when I first fell in love with all the intensity of my being, I believed that I was definitely going crazy, because I fell in love with someone I could only see in dreams. But now it is different because I know that the man, I love is alive, since I have seen him, I have touched him, and I know exactly where to find him. “

Alicia was silent while she meditated on her mind. Alicia loved her daughter and since her husband died, she concentrated on seeking Nora’s happiness. She knew the possible cause of the inexplicable dreams that her daughter experienced from a very young age. However, she refused to accept responsibility for the past events that could not be forgotten. Since Nora constantly suffered from anxiety, caused by the need to want to find answers that would help her understand her own feelings.

OTONO-18Nora had always been very dedicated to studies, an exemplary daughter who did not get into trouble and who liked to help with all the chores around the house. She was always in a good mood. She liked to enjoy the walks in the fresh air and to have many friends. She was studying medicine at the university. Despite being very beautiful she had never had a boyfriend. Sometimes her character became introverted, and she remained locked in her room for long hours. Nora lived the conflict of not being able to fully define reality, because on many occasions her dreams were so real that when she woke up, she was still immersed in a world full of people she did not know, but whom she loved, to the point of being able to feel pain, sadness, melancholy, or happiness sharing her life with those imaginary people.

OTONO-30For several years Nora fell in love with Eduardo despite not knowing who he was or what his name is. Nora went to the psychiatrist because she could not contain the emotions that she was experiencing asleep or awake, because she could feel Eduardo’s caresses on her skin, define the taste of Eduardo’s kisses on her lips without having him near her. Exploding in a torrent of joy or sadness involuntarily, without explanation or motive. Nora thought that her life was in chaos, since the emotions of her heart created real sensations on her skin and when she thought that she would definitely go crazy, everything changed. Peace came to her life, the dreams that tormented her at night disappeared. She stopped experiencing sensations that did not belong to her and she began to live her own life.

OTONO-34But the meeting of her with Eduardo revived all those emotions with a single blow in her heart and she was not willing to miss the opportunity to make all her fantasies come true, enjoying, and sharing next to the man she loved long before meet him. So that night, Nora could not sleep, anxiously waiting for the new day to come to go look for him, because she would not allow the opportunity for Eduardo to fall in love with her to slip from her hands.



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