OTONO-31Pale and dismayed, Eduardo could not answer immediately. He felt his whole body vibrating, while his masculinity woke up when he felt the rose of Ana’s hands caressing his face and hair. Stunned and with his mind alienated by the accumulation of sensations awakened by the smell of roses in spring that Ana’s perfume emanated, he slowly stammers “Yesss, Yes I want to marry you Ana”. As he watched as her reddish-gold hair shone in the sunlight, wishing for that moment to become eternal and never end.

Ana’s eyes lit up like sparkles in the dark, and the light that emanated from them reflected happiness, “I love you, Eduardo. What I feel inside my being is love and I want to breathe by your side every day of my life. I want to breathe your smell that enervates my senses. I want to breathe your youth that makes me feel alive. I want to breathe my whole future by your side. And I wish with all the strength of my Soul that you want the same. “

OTONO-32Eduardo, raising his hands, took Ana’s hands between his and placed them on his chest, while he looked her directly in the eyes, “You have entered my heart directly, tearing apart my fear of the future to replace it with the light of your gaze. Giving birth in me the desire to want to live by your side forever, breathing your scent of roses in spring every day of my life. Ana! I want to live be breathing you every moment of my existence, because I LOVE you. “

The sunlight illuminated their faces as a faithful witness to the promises that both had made, sealing them with a kiss that melted them in the blink of an eye, as a chimera melts when trapped in the crucible of the impossible by the force of true love.

Showing her rebellious spirit. Ana withdrew her hands from Eduardo’s chest to hug him with great force, saying in his ear, “Take me home. I need to tell Susana that I am marrying you. ” Ana’s surprise reaction caused a feeling of uncertainty in Eduardo when he thought how he would tell his parents that he wanted to get married. Uncertainty that vanished like the smoke of a bonfire driven by the wind when he observed Ana’s smile that gave him courage; giving him the assurance that they were both connected by the same feeling and strength to defend their love.

OTONO-33Susana was preparing food when Ana and Eduardo entered the house. Almost silently they walked to the kitchen. They both stood facing the stove without saying anything, until Susana asked them, “What’s wrong? Do you want to tell me something?

Without any preamble and with certainty in her words, Ana said, “I’m marrying Eduardo. The wedding will be next month before fall ends. “

Susana’s eyes bulged from her place when she felt a strong headache caused by what she had heard. Her heartbeat sped up, shaking her breath, “Ana, are you pregnant? What nonsense! You cannot get married. Both of you are just teenagers.  You are students.  You are lack too many experiences to live. I don’t like this kind of joke. “

Ana approached Susana, while Eduardo remained standing behind her, “It’s not a joke. I love Eduardo. I know that marrying him is the only thing I want. And I’m not pregnant, Eduardo and I have never slept together. “

OTONO-19Susana began to recover from the strong impression that she had and that had left her stunned to immediately go on to feel extremely angry with them. In a serious tone and almost shouting she told them, “You are not getting married next month. Ana is only fifteen years old “

Susana’s attitude did not intimidate Ana’s rebellious character that she replied, “Why not? You were fifteen when Nora, my mother, was born. Nora was seventeen when I was born. So why can’t I marry Eduardo if I’m the same age you were when my mother was born?

The smell of burning food began to invade the kitchen when Susana yelled, “Those were different times! Things are not the same at this time. “

Susana had never yelled at Ana, which caused Ana to start crying, “Why were times different? If the only difference I see is that thirty-two years ago you were in love and at this time I’m the one in love. Thirty-two years ago, you were fifteen. Now, I am fifteen years old too. Why can’t I fall in love in the same way or with the same intensity that you were in the past.

Susana felt disarmed by Ana’s questions, “Understand Ana, I am afraid that you are making a mistake with a very hasty decision. Besides, I am already forty-seven years old. What am I going to do when you leave? I don’t want to be alone. “

OTONO-35Seeing Susana’s tears running down her cheeks, Ana came closer and hugged her tightly, “You are my grandmother, but you are also my mother. I will never leave you alone. Eduardo and I will come to live at your house. If you accept us. Please do not put impediments to our love, because I know that I am not making mistakes “

Susana cried hugging Ana for two minutes and then she said, “Forgive me, but I am terrified to think that I can lose you. But if you have already decided, I will support you on the condition that you finish your studies and graduate. In the bank there is enough money from the life insurance that your father left even to pay for college without any problem. This house has enough space for us to live together. ” Then Susana went to her room, completely ignoring Eduardo’s presence in the kitchen.

Eduardo stayed with Ana until she calmed down completely. Then he said goodbye to her giving her a kiss on her forehead, repeating how much he loved her. Eduardo walked slowly toward his house. Stopping once in a while to take a deep breath and give himself the courage to face his parents. He felt pressured and nervous after having witnessed everything that happened at Susana’s house.

OTONO-34Eduardo’s house was caught in a fire of inordinate fury when he announced to his parents that he would marry Ana next month. His father punched him in the face, throwing him to the ground, and was about to continue beating him when Eduardo’s mother stopped him. Eduardo’s father told him that if he felt responsible enough to marry, he also had to be responsible to support himself. Making it very clear to him that the day he will marry Ana, he also had to leave the house because he would not receive any kind of help from them. Eduardo’s mother cried inconsolably when she saw her son lying on the ground with his lower lip split, dripping blood, but she considered that her husband’s decision was the correct one to prevent Eduardo from committing the madness of marrying.

Eduardo’s eyes reflected a lot of sadness. The honey color of his pupils seemed to spill over every tear that flowed from his eyes. He was not hurt by the blow he received but by the attitude of his parents. He had assumed that his father would not understand, but at no point did he imagine that he would hit him that way. Eduardo had always been a very obedient son to his parents, a responsible boy with a gentle character. But this time he was determined to marry Ana because he loved her. Eduardo stood up and for the first time in his life he responded to his father in a raised voice, “I’m not asking you for anything, I’m almost eighteen years old, I don’t need your permission to get married. I don’t need anything from you to support me or take care of Ana. My future does not depend on whether I am married or still single. My future depends on the decisions I make in my life. At this moment I decide to leave your house because in a month I will marry Ana. It makes no sense to continue to live here if you do not understand me. “

OTONO-30Then Eduardo went to his room, put all his books, notebooks, and schoolwork in a large backpack. He collected his school uniforms. Then he walked out with a firm step in front of the hurtful gaze of his father and the teary eyes of his mother that begged him “Don’t go” without words. Upon reaching the exit door, Eduardo turned his head to where his parents were standing watching him, to tell them, “There is no point in prolonging the inevitable, because I am marrying Ana.” Then he went out, closing the door with great force.


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