OTONO-19Ana grew up being the center of the universe in Susana’s life. Ana’s childhood was full of fun and love. Susana gave herself completely to the care of her granddaughter, providing Ana with everything she needed or wanted, in such a way that Ana developed a strong character, and although sometimes uncompromising, she had a sweetly cheerful spirit and a benevolent heart.

OTONO-23Ana’s childhood can be described simply with one word, “Wonderful.” Having the privilege of Susana dedicating herself solely to making Ana happy and lavishing love on her, Ana developed several talents. Over time she became a very intelligent young woman; with a defiant attitude in the face of obstacles and eloquence when talking about various topics. Ana possessed a singular physical beauty, with sensually natural lips of an intense red color as if the heat of her blood were reflected in them. Her peaceful but firm gaze was full of turquoise green, as if the rebellion of the sea had been left without movement, trapped in the color of her eyes. Her long, curly hair was the color of the sky at sunset, like the sun as it paints the clouds with a reddish gold that is always difficult to understand.

Ana was fifteen when she discovered that she could love in a different way than the love she felt for Susana.

OTONO-18It was a Thursday, the thermometer reading 103 degrees in temperature. The heat was stifling and everyone in the classroom was restless. The teacher had decided to have the students take a short math test, so silence ruled the environment. Ana had already answered all the questions and she was about to stand up to hand the exam sheet to the teacher, when suddenly a tall, thin young man with black hair and an attractive face entered the classroom. He delivered a written message to the teacher. After reading the message, the teacher told his students, “I have to go out for a moment. But this young man will oversee the class, continue with the test, and do not copy your answers. I’ll be back soon. “

OTONO-22Ana, couldn’t take her eyes off the young man who was standing in front of all the students, leaning lightly on the teacher’s desk. His shoes were perfectly polished and glimmered in the sunlight; his pants and shirt were wrinkle-free, matched to the silhouette of his body. The color of his white skin contrasted with the black of his hair. The features of his face disturbed Ana’s skin, provoking sensations hitherto unknown to her. His hazel-colored eyes were full of melancholy, which made Ana surprisingly stand up, as she suppressed the desire to hug him.

With a serious tone Eduardo said, “Did you finish the test? Or are you trying to copy off your classmate?”

“I’m done,” Ana said in a shaky voice.

With a rigid attitude, Eduardo told her, “Then give me your test sheet and leave the classroom. You are distracting your classmates. “

OTONO-20Ana was not used to being spoken to in an authoritarian way and although she wanted to get closer to Eduardo, she responded rebelliously, “I finished the test, but that doesn’t mean I want to give it to you and if you want me to leave the room, come! Kick me out of here! “

Ana’s defiant attitude caused an uproar among her classmates who yelled at Eduardo, “He’s scared! You won’t do it! He’s going to cry, he’s crying, he’s crying! Scared, scared! “

The situation collapsed the security that Eduardo was showing in front of the group of students and without knowing why he slowly began to walk towards Ana.

When Ana saw that Eduardo was approaching her, she got nervous, her skin crawled, and she jumped up on her desk. Then she began to walk on the desks of her classmates without caring that she was standing on the test sheets, until she reached one of the windows that was open where she jumped onto the patio, leaving Eduardo totally uneasy.

The situation was embarrassing for Eduardo, his face turning red as he started staggering towards the exit because everyone in the classroom was laughing at him.

OTONO-24When Eduardo left the classroom he took a deep breath, his embarrassment turning into anger. Then he began to walk towards the patio, ready to confront Ana. Upon reaching the patio. He found her sitting on the steps leading up to the second level of the school. Ana was sitting with her legs stretched in front of her. The skirt of the uniform above her knees showed the beauty of her legs. When he watched her, Eduardo stopped in front of her feeling totally defeated as he saw the beautiful smile and sweet look that Ana had. Without saying anything, Eduardo turned around and left.

The hours passed. The school bell was heard everywhere announcing that classes had ended that day. The students went to the buses that would take them back to their homes. On Thursdays Ana would return home by bus because Susana could not pick up her after school since she participated in Zumba classes. And by the whims of fate, by chance or by strange coincidence, Eduardo got on the same bus where Ana was.

OTONO-17Eduardo felt Ana’s gaze on him, constant and inquisitive, as if trying to guess what he would do. Eduardo thought that if he ignored her and passed by without greeting her, she would think that he was afraid of her. So, without much thought, he sat next to her.

Ana smiled in a mischievous way and her constant gaze penetrated Eduardo’s heart, although he did not show it. Suddenly Ana extended her arm and opening her hand said, “Do you want it?” Eduardo observed that Ana was offering him a cookie wrapped in rice paper; but since Eduardo was still annoyed by Ana’s attitude in the classroom, he frowned at her, and replied with disdain, “I’m not used to receiving anything from strange hands.”

OTONO-16Eduardo’s response caused Ana to laugh, awakening her rebellious spirit. Then Ana with feline movements and a defiantly flirtatious attitude put her right hand on Eduardo’s left hand, while she looked him directly in his eyes.  And with a subtly mellow tone she said, “I’m Ana.”

 The sensuality of Ana’s red lips, the smell of her perfume and the curl of her blond hair, upset Eduardo’s senses, making him smile. Then the bus stopped. Ana stood up and without stopping looking directly into Eduardo’s eyes, she brought the cookie to his mouth with her left hand. While she with her right hand stroked his hair saying, “You can eat it now. You already know who I am.”

OTONO-21As Ana walked, wearing the school uniform perfectly towards the bus exit, Eduardo thought, “What a beautiful girl.” Then he stood up and yelled at her, “Ana, I’ll wait for you after school tomorrow.”

Hearing Eduardo’s voice, Ana stopped her steps, turned her head to where Eduardo was and with a serious attitude she replied, “I’m not used to having strangers waiting for me when I leave school.”

Eduardo’s heart was beating fast. However, he responded with confidence and courage, “My name is Eduardo, and I am in the eleventh grade. Now you know who I am. “

Ana smiled and then winked at him. Then she, placing two fingers on her mouth, sent him a kiss as she got off the bus. While Eduardo still sat there, in love with her at first sight! Because that’s how love is, it comes when you least expect it, and it takes over your heart.



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