IMG_0599Susana watched the clock constantly. Ten minutes had already passed after school was dismissed and Ana did not come out. Ten more minutes passed, and Susana began to despair. Something was not right, Ana might be two or three minutes late, but twenty minutes late was unusual. Susana looked for a place to park the car and began to walk towards the school office. She was nervous thinking about what could have caused Ana’s delay. Just as Susana was about to talk to the secretary, she heard Ana’s voice, “Susana, I’m here. Are we going home?”



Since I was a child, I felt a strong attraction to unicorns and I always believed that when I grew up I would own a beautiful white unicorn that would take me on its back, flying through the sky. However, when I was finally able to understand the concept of reality, I came to accept that unicorns only lived in mythological tales. That their rare beauty could only truly be appreciated in paintings of the imagination, where their wings were spread open, soaring overhead. When I started working at Spirit Horse, in the Windermere Equestrian Center, I began to talk with people who provided therapy to children, to learn how to feel more confident in myself, to trust more in people. I learned again to value everything I do for myself and for others at a greater magnitude. While in my place of work there are no unicorns that take you on their backs flying in the sky, there are instead horses that when they jump they seem to fly without wings. I discovered that each horse has an invisible unicorn, hidden and with the power to transform, almost magically, the life of the human beings who ride on them; stimulating them with their rhythmic movement muscles and cerebral fluidity.


Fear, surprise, bewilderment, anxiety. Joined inside a small heart, that with a shy smile on her face tries to show an indefinite joy. But with many illusions flashing in the brightness of her eyes, waiting patiently for the opportunity to face and tame the beast that slowly approaches her. Continue reading “DREAMING IN A FAIRY TALE.”

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