Since I was a child, I felt a strong attraction to unicorns and I always believed that when I grew up I would own a beautiful white unicorn that would take me on its back, flying through the sky. However, when I was finally able to understand the concept of reality, I came to accept that unicorns only lived in mythological tales. That their rare beauty could only truly be appreciated in paintings of the imagination, where their wings were spread open, soaring overhead. When I started working at Spirit Horse, in the Windermere Equestrian Center, I began to talk with people who provided therapy to children, to learn how to feel more confident in myself, to trust more in people. I learned again to value everything I do for myself and for others at a greater magnitude. While in my place of work there are no unicorns that take you on their backs flying in the sky, there are instead horses that when they jump they seem to fly without wings. I discovered that each horse has an invisible unicorn, hidden and with the power to transform, almost magically, the life of the human beings who ride on them; stimulating them with their rhythmic movement muscles and cerebral fluidity.


Fear, surprise, bewilderment, anxiety. Joined inside a small heart, that with a shy smile on her face tries to show an indefinite joy. But with many illusions flashing in the brightness of her eyes, waiting patiently for the opportunity to face and tame the beast that slowly approaches her. Her hands begin to sweat. Then, she quickly seeks to hold on to the hand of her mother, who is standing strong and brave, supporting her at her side. Then the little girl closes her eyes scared, when she is impressed by the size of the beast that bends its head and curious sniffs over the face of the little girl.

Confused thoughts come into the little girl’s mind and she asks to herself: Will this beast go eat me? Will this beast rip my nose out? or Will this beast kick me out of here?

Because the impression the little girl received, small tears run down her cheek, while she feels a strange, wet kiss, and feels an extremely soft skin that she does not know if it scratches or tickles her. Overcoming her unease, slowly the little girl opens her eyes and sees the sun shining through the big eyes of the beast that seems to say: Do not fear! Look at me! I am a beast, mighty and strong, but I can also be a friend! One that can erase your sadness, I can even be the friend that could change your life.

In that moment in which there is no exchange of words, where only silence allows the communication of thoughts between girl and beast; The first contact arises, when she raises her hand to caress its mane. It is then, that a strange connection called LOVE occurs between two beings that cease to be a girl and a beast; to let the dreams come out where she is an amazon who begins to discover the unicorn inside the beast, that became her horse!

This experience occurs frequently in Spirit Horse, at the Windermere Equestrian Center. Children and adults arrive with a desire to excel, desires not to be overwhelmed by the circumstances they face in their lives and which are different in each one of us. They also learn that we all could pass our tests no matter how different they may be.

At Spirit Horse, everyone learns that they can surprise themselves and others because, even if they are slow to answer questions because they are easily distracted, or because they think they are different from other human beings, they should not give up; They learn that their learning is simply a bit slower because all human beings learn in a different way.

They learn that they could overcome obstacles; In addition, all the children and adults who come here discover that fairy dreams are not lying around the corner because they are built day by day with courage and wisdom.

At Spirit Horse, the reality of each child or adult is not evaded; here they are helped to face their reality and with patience and love in each therapy, that reality is transformed step by step into A FAIRY TALE.


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