When God created Adam, He also created Eve so that together they could multiply and fill the earth with their children. God gave the woman formidable attributes, within which is the capacity of procreation that she has in her body, the physical and spiritual strength to be able to face all the hormonal, mental and corporal appearance changes that her maternal work entails, without affecting her ability to love each member of her family. Without woman, man would be lost; without the woman in this world there would be no progress or happiness. Women play a fundamental role in creation. Therefore, regardless of the age or appearance that she has, everybody must respect her, protect her, value her, love her for all of time and in all places; because in her journey in this world, she has given her youth and her soul for her loved ones.


Your youth! It has faded away like rose petals,

 that fade over time,

 since one by one, your rose petals have fallen;

 with the years you’ve lived.

Your skin has lost its elasticity and softness; because you no longer have that freshness young blood gives. Your voice! It no longer sounds strong, like raging river water; molding its way. But your fragile appearance, softens the rebellious and the crazy hearts of the children you have birthed.

So much love and pain! So much joy and sadness accumulated in your heart. So many experiences, perfectly filed, kept in your head. So many secrets hidden in your eyes that have not destroyed your essence; because your personality has remained intact facing destiny. Chinita! Come and take me in your arms, which are no longer so strong; Make me feel like I’m still your child! Wrap me up with your happy spirit and your way of smiling, which always reflects the joy you feel for living.

Life itself has filled you with your affection and has made you a brave woman who speaks truthfully; No matter how difficult it is, you stand firm and ready to fight. Your hair whitened by the weight of the wisdom you have acquired makes you think many times and think if you have acted well in your life. Yet, you do not care what others say, because you believe in yourself.

When I’m by your side, I would like to go back in time to change the many moments when I made you cry. Because when I see a sadness that is reflected through your eyes, I feel that it comes out of your soul, to tell me that you are already tired, from so much walking. However, you remain firm at the foot of the canyon, to fight and defend everything you have built, living each day without cowardice.

MOTHER is not just a renowned title, MOTHER is your divine work coparticipant of creation what makes you great in the eyes of God. MOTHER no matter how many rose petals you have lost, because in each one of them your immeasurable love has been written to your children and through the rose petals that you have left lying on the road, you have marked with wisdom the guide to follow behind you so that one day we will live together, in PARADISE.


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