When God created Adam, He also created Eve so that together they could multiply and fill the earth with their children. God gave the woman formidable attributes, within which is the capacity of procreation that she has in her body, the physical and spiritual strength to be able to face all the hormonal, mental and corporal appearance changes that her maternal work entails, without affecting her ability to love each member of her family. Without woman, man would be lost; without the woman in this world there would be no progress or happiness. Women play a fundamental role in creation. Therefore, regardless of the age or appearance that she has, everybody must respect her, protect her, value her, love her for all of time and in all places; because in her journey in this world, she has given her youth and her soul for her loved ones.


Your youth! It has faded away like rose petals,

 that fade over time,

 since one by one, your rose petals have fallen;

 with the years you’ve lived.

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One of the hardest separations in this life, is that between a mother and her children. Especially when this happens in a person’s childhood. All at some time in our life, we return to the past when memories come to our mind. And I know, that nostalgia surrounds many when mothers’ day approaches. Either because she is not alive, because she is far from us or because we think of her care and love …


Today I woke up with nostalgia, for the memory of my childhood at your side and I felt a strong impulse; to stand in front of the mirror, to talk to myself. Last night I dreamed that you hugged me and hid in your arms.


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