One of the hardest separations in this life, is that between a mother and her children. Especially when this happens in a person’s childhood. All at some time in our life, we return to the past when memories come to our mind. And I know, that nostalgia surrounds many when mothers’ day approaches. Either because she is not alive, because she is far from us or because we think of her care and love …


Today I woke up with nostalgia, for the memory of my childhood at your side and I felt a strong impulse; to stand in front of the mirror, to talk to myself. Last night I dreamed that you hugged me and hid in your arms.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I have observed that time has passed …

I’m not that little girl anymore! with sad and frightened eyes, I saw everything that was happening by my side. I did not understand why I was staying alone; to face life, because you would no longer be by my side.

I was just a child, unaware of the situation!

Because the pain I felt prevented me from seeing reality; And even though the mirror now reflects a woman, I still dream of seeing you again.

My whole being misses you! And I ask the reflection in the mirror, if it has an answer, who can make me forget? For a moment … I’m already a woman!

Since I still yearn, to become a girl again; but between your arms.

And when I see myself in the mirror; I see your image reflected in myself. With my dreams and longings to disappear between tears; since the years that have changed me, have also taught me, to accept reality. And I know, you’ve left.

How to be strong? I ask myself, when all I want,

It’s a hug and a kiss! To feel alive

But who will give them to me? With the same strength and purity; that you did …



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