Almost all written romantic stories, such as soap opera stories or movies, end at the peak of love between the protagonists, creating time-honored stereotypes of what love is as a couple.

Personally, I really like romantic stories, especially those that end with the repetitive phrase of “AND THEY LIVED HAPPYLY EVER AFTER.”

I have always thought that romantic stories should not show the reality of life because they lose their idealistic essence about what love is. Generally, a good story begins with the full and independent happiness of each of the protagonists. Then they continue with all the obstacles and problems that are generated around them after meeting and falling in love with each other. Then it continues with the birth of true love with the emotional stability of trust and respect; resulting in the sealing their union in marriage and dedicating themselves to living an eternally happy life within the screen of a cinema, a television or the sound waves of the radio. I must also say that currently those happy endings occur within phones, tables, or computers through social networks.

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea from the way I express myself regarding romantic stories, because I repeat that I am passionate about romantic stories. I can spend long hours on a rainy day, a sunny afternoon, or just lying in my bed enjoying movies on The Hallmark Channel watching men become superheroes who like knights, fight for the love of the woman they love.

But as I wrote before, I don’t like when movies express the reality of life, and instead of having a perfect ending with “AND THEY LIVED HAPPYLY EVER AFTER”, they show how the protagonists after suffering and struggling to live together, grow old and die because, in my way of thinking, those endings break with the enchantment of magic that fairy tales with happy endings produce; the belief that they have no end.

Of course, the perfect happy endings are exemplified in all romantic stories, which awaken the longing of many people to find the perfect love. People who strive every day to keep that love alive through their actions, words, and affections.

Some people establish a personal relationship with God individually and as a couple, make God the center of their marriage or relationship. Finding a perfect personal state of joy that allows them to live and express themselves freely to be happy and make their loved one happy. Letting themselves be guided by sacred precepts and learning to walk with faith at every step. In this way they learn to make family decisions wisely.


However, establishing a lasting relationship over the years is the responsibility of both and is not an obligation that must be fulfilled separately. When a pair decides to seal their union in marriage, they automatically decide to also be an integral part of the other person, without exercising false dominance, without trying at any time to change their way of being, without restricting their right to choose and respecting their way of thinking, customs or cultural differences that are inherent to every human being.


For the phrase “AND THEY LIVED HAPPYLY EVER AFTER” to become a reality in our lives, we must learn to ACCEPT OURSELVES as we are and learn to ACCEPT our partner as they are. With all the things that make us different from each other. But reaching the maturity of true love is not easy, since we have to continue fighting day by day, with the problems and disagreements that occur in our homes, learning that acceptance does not mean RESIGNATION, and that is why we must recognize and correct our defects as a token of love towards our partner. Recognize when we have made a mistake and learn to ask for FORGIVENESS and to FORGIVE.

One way to value each other is to learn to break down the barriers that PRIDE can establish between a couple, is to avoiding RECRIMINATING the mistakes made, because we all make mistakes. Implementing FORGIVENESS and FORGETTING can seal the cracks that LOVE has suffered along the way.

Every couple must base continuous coexistence on mutual RESPECT, maintain ROMANTICISM continuously with small details that make them feel loved and blended in the same destination. Fight with COURAGE and FAITHFULNESS to defeat the dragons that want to separate them. LEARN to smile and say I LOVE YOU every time we see our reflection in our partner’s eyes.



Love is strengthened when we learn to THANK, TRUST and SUSTAIN the aspirations and triumphs of the person we love, without jealousy or selfishness; becoming an indispensable part of all their dreams they have yet to realize.



And finally, learn to get our “ AND THEY LIVE HAPPYLY EVER AFTER” every day when we give the best of ourselves and express everything we feel, without fear, without complexes and with the purity of true love as at the end of the romantic movies THROUGH A KISS.







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