WHILE THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE, a phrase used worldwide to express that we can always find solutions to conflicts, that we can face in each period of our lives. A phrase that has inspired movies, theories, and motivated seminars, referring to the possibility of a better existential future, when we have hope in our hearts.

Greek mythology has given us the wonderful legend of “PANDORA’S BOX”, for those who do not know who Pandora was. I can say she was what we can consider the alienating perfection of the senses, turned into WOMAN; for her beauty, her intelligence and many other qualities that the gods of Olympus had given her, when they created her with the fixed purpose of obtaining revenge. The legend tells us that Pandora was also very curious, and she had the opportunity to look for a vessel that in modern literature was changed to a box. Which had been a gift from the gods to the man who married her. This gift that had been given with the WARNING to never open it, but Pandora’s curiosity made her break that rule. When she opened the box all the EVILS and PESTS that exist in the Earth came out. When Pandora saw the inside of the box, she discovered that there was only HOPE left, which was the only good thing that was inside the box. So, before hope escaped, she closed the box and hope became the ALITIENT that moves people’s hearts so as not to faint and give up in the face of ADVERSITY.

In the Old Testament of the Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 9 verses 4 and 5 says.

4- But he who is joined with all the living has hope, for a living dog is better than a dead lion.

5-For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten.



This refers to the fact that as long as we have a living body and a beating heart in our chest, even in the midst of diseases, pain, sadness, misfortune, natural or man-made catastrophes, through hope we have the POSSIBILITY of overcoming the events around us and CHANGE them so that we can continue to build a bright future.


If we learn to use all available resources intelligently and creatively, even if these resources are scarce. We are born with the spirit of courage and the ability to choose to fight to adapt to any circumstance or weather conditions, to transform pain, suffering, desolation or anguish into SOLIDARITY and LOVE. We are also capable of developing charity, benevolence and friendship, feelings that through empathy we can RETRIEVE the people around us and who want to decide for themselves to maintain a positive attitude despite the circumstances they are facing.


The current pandemic of COVID-19 has become the key with which the pandora box can be opened again. Because despite being a disease worse than AIDS, with the devastating ability to destroy more than half of the world’s population, it can also be the tool that awakens hope in the hearts of all human beings. Motivating them to change their attitude to approach God and demonstrate that we are the best of his creation.


If despair, anger, stress, rage, helplessness, rage, confusion, ignorance or devastating destruction are ending what makes us human and DIFFERENT than the other creatures of creation, it is time to slow down adversity with the weapons of FAITH, PRAYER, CONSTANCE and LOVE. Holding on to the Hope that is the entrusted EXPECTATION and the yearning to receive the blessings that have been PROMISED to us. Jehovah will be the refuge (hope) of his people (Joel 3; 16), God made us reborn for a living hope for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, (1 Peter 1; 3).



Let the scientists continue to search for a VACCINE for the disease and while that happens, we develop the ANTIDOTE for negative feelings and degrading attitudes. Let us learn to smile and be grateful for the opportunity to live each day. Let’s strive to keep a good mood despite other people’s negativity. Let’s stay calm when we face difficult situations or are under social or economic pressure to feel peace and think clearly when making decisions. Let’s enjoy life doing what we like and be inspired to be happy, even if we are locked inside our homes. Let’s be obedient and follow directions when there is a need to work, find food, exercise, or breathe the fresh air outside of our homes.


Something as SIMPLE as using the MASK and WASHING our hands with soap and water constantly can save lives. Just as the simplicity of looking at the bronze serpent did in its day. There are times when it is through SIMPLE things that we achieve GREATNESS because after all, as long as there is life, there is HOPE.







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