Ebenezer walked slowly. He didn’t know what time it was. Although he could discern that it was already past noon, he did not think about how much time He had used on Christmas Day because He did not want to feel limited or restricted by time, He wanted to enjoy that day December 25 to the fullest. He had already been a slave to time and work for many years. Ebenezer wisely repeated to himself that the coming years would be different because he would live them with joy in his heart and although he did not know how many more years he had left of life, he knew that in the years to come, he would live them fully, without selfishness, without resentment , without bitterness in the soul and without worrying too much about the future since the spirits had taught him that the future does not belong to us and is uncertain.

Without realizing it Ebenezer reached for the door of his employee Bob’s house, raising his right hand he was about to knock on the door, when he heard the Spirit of Eternal Christmas speak to him, “Knock hard on the door because Mrs. Cratchit is busy preparing the Turkey for tonight, if you want I can help you. ”

Ebenezer stepped back a little scared, “Spirit, it seems as if I could see your body when you were about to knock on the door, but previously I could only see your shadow and that frightened me a little. Why is that?”

The Spirit replied, “For many years you were a very difficult adversary to defeat, because with your ungenerous attitudes you ripped my body and, together with the sleeping feelings of other people, I vanished over the wind. But if you start to see my body, it means I get stronger. I just hope that all people can keep the feeling of Christmas in their hearts so that I can continue to live.”

Ebenezer felt ashamed, for everything he had stopped enjoying and always living locked up working and living in a hermit like way. But the Spirit of Eternal Christmas touched his shoulder and the feelings of guilt disappeared from his heart because he remembered that he had a purpose in life. He was no longer living without a fixed course, now Ebenezer knew for sure what he wanted to find on his way through this life; HAPPINESS, that feeling that all human beings yearn to have in their hearts and that Ebenezer began to discover through selfless service towards other people.

Without wasting any more time and with great emotion Ebenezer knocked on the door, giving loud knocks to be heard. One of Bob’s daughters opened the door, “What do you need sir?”

Ebenezer without waiting to be invited to enter the house, walked inside and said, “I’m looking for Mrs. Cratchit.”

Mrs. Cratchit was preparing the turkey and when she heard Ebenezer’s voice, she approached the living room. Her face showed amazement, because she couldn’t believe that Ebenezer was at her home. Thousands of repressed words ran through her mind that she would have liked to shout out and let the resentment she had against Ebenezer out of her heart, but the feeling of wonder she had did not allow her to speak.

Ebenezer knew what might happen that night during Christmas dinner at Bob’s family’s house and was determined to change the images of the future that the spirit of Christmas Present had shown him. “Mrs. Cratchit, I know that my presence is uncomfortable. I also know that one of your Christmas wishes has been fulfilled by me being here in front of you to listen to everything you want to tell me. Don’t be sorry, that any word that comes out of your mouth to me, will be welcomed because I am convinced that I deserve everything you think of me. However, I am here to apologize for all the limitations to which you and your family were exposed during all the years that Bob has worked for me, receiving a miserable salary for his services, but I give you my word that from Today everything will change for the welfare of you and your family. I also want to add that I will ensure the safety of little Tim and pay all the necessary medical expenses so that he can recover quickly and walk normally again.”

Mrs. Cratchit was totally confused and didn’t know how to respond, if she yelled at him reproaching all the bad things Ebenezer had done to her husband or thanking him for the promises she was hearing.

The Spirit of Eternal Christmas began to shine, and its influence sheltered the heart of Mrs. Cratchit giving peace to her soul. “Ebenezer, I don’t know how this change happened in your person, but I want to thank you; because something inside me tells me that your words are true and now everything is clear to me. I know that it was you who sent us the turkey and all the gifts that are on my table. Thanks to that gesture of kindness this Christmas night will be different for my family. And it will be different not because it is full of gifts and food, but because through your loving gesture the Spirit of Christmas will illuminate my home with happiness because there will be no resentments present in my home.”

Ebenezer was the only one who could see the Spirit of Eternal Christmas even though everyone in the house could feel his influence and with tears in his eyes he begged, “Mrs. Cratchit, I have come to seek your forgiveness and I don’t want to retire without hearing that I have received it. ”

Visibly excited but happy Mrs. Cratchit said, “I forgive you, Ebenezer.  Because although Bob’s salary was not fair for all the work he does, basic food was never lacking in my home and thanks to the salary Bob receives We have been able to have a house where we can live and take care of our children. Ebenezer forgive me, for letting my anger towards you turn into resentment.”

Ebenezer spreading his arms asked, “Would you allow me to give you a hug? I want to thank you for your kindness in forgiving my retrograde attitude of the past. One more thing, please don’t say anything to Bob, because I have a special surprise for him, but I’ll give it to him tomorrow at the office.”

Mrs. Cratchit did not answer, Ebenezer then approached her with a warm and fraternal like hug. Without resentment, knowing that this was the beginning of a true friendship between Ebenezer and her family.

Then Ebenezer left Bob’s house and immediately said, “Spirit I see your body, but I cannot discern your face; because it changes constantly, and I don’t know what your face looks like.”

“Your actions have unleashed an avalanche of emotions full of love for other people, in Belle’s house, in the shelters for the poor and needy, in Bob’s house. And they are also infecting others with their joy and generosity. Those human feelings feed me by strengthening my body, so you can see me. But I still don’t have a definite face, since much more remains to be done. The poor and needy exist throughout the world. I do not ask that you help them all, but if each person does a good work every day in the place where they live in favor of someone who suffers physical or emotional pain and helps in some way to satisfy that need by decreasing human suffering, in the ways that their own strength allows them,  the Spirit of Eternal Christmas will shine and love among human beings will not die. When charity overcomes disdain for service and when love overcomes human selfishness. Then my face will no longer change.”

Ebenezer did not fully understand what the spirit said, but he meditated on the Spirit’s words in the direction of his house. He wanted to rest a little before attending the Christmas dinner at his nephew Fred’s house.





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