In one of the songs that Alejandra Guzman sang, was the phrase: THE WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS! AND I CAN NOT CHANGE IT; to exemplify what her daughter would have to face when she arrived in this world. Or as a warning that: even if she wanted to bring her to live in a perfect world, she could not give it to her! This phrase belongs to a beautifully inspirational person. A phrase that Alejandra Guzmán has embodied in letters and melodies; to turn it into a beautiful song, which expresses feelings of a mother as she waits for her baby.

Making decisions about the education of children is like entering a labyrinth. One where you will always find yourself trapped in the middle of a crossroads of advice and experiences that others want to give you so that you do not make the same mistakes they committed when educating their children. Advice and experiences in which many times we forget everything that we ourselves lived by when we were teenagers and lacked responsibilities.

When we thought we knew everything; and we were not afraid of making mistakes. We weren’t afraid to face consequences. But over time, as we became parents, the idea of consequences terrified us! Let our children make mistakes like those we made and have them face consequences! But, we forget that each human being is different. We forget that every human has the right to make their own decisions and to go wrong! We as parents cannot change the world for them or make it perfect! But, we can change OURSELVES and improve the environment in which they live, so that the private world of our children (their world), is the closest thing to the word “PERFECT”.

AS PARENTS: we strive to help our children learn to choose their friendships, without belittling, rejecting, or making fun of them; but bearing in mind that they must learn to strengthen bonds of friendship with people! That can help them grow intellectually, or that can invite them to have fun without offending or hurting others. Acting with property and respect for the life of everyone, whether young, adult or elderly. And do not restrict their personality, accepting them as they are; Then they can find joy in all the activities they do.

AS PARENTS: we remain attentive to the physical and mental developments of our children. Instructing them on the right path, helping them to establish good eating habits, personal hygiene and physical health. Promoting love for outdoor activities, for reading, for service to other people and for motivating them to develop the talents they possess. So! They can become educated people, with noble aspirations and desires to be better every day.


AS PARENTS: we teach them to respect the rights that each person possesses, to be whatever they want to be! Without judging or criticizing; but moving away from everything that represents a danger to the physical, emotional or mental health of themselves. They will learn! To be free in an orderly manner. And helping them to know themselves better and instructing them to defend their right to be treated with respect. They will learn! To give value to THEMSELVES and to respect THEIR LIFE.

AS PARENTS: we respect their right to be children, youth, adolescents; and we leave them to live every stage of their life! Performing ACCORDING activities to their age, without trying to make them grow prematurely. They will be self-satisfied people! Of everything they have done in life. Because they will have had the opportunity to satisfy all their wishes and aspirations without restrictions of time or age. Only governed! For culture, education, love and the dictates of their own conscience. Linked to this, if we let them DEVELOP THEIR IMAGINATION without losing the sense of reality; They will be free professionally and spiritually speaking.

Because if they believe in themselves, they could! Develop their aspirations and achieve their dreams. Knowing that they must WORK and STRIKE to achieve them. They will not give up! If they face A FAILURE; because they will know if they fall, they can get up to keep trying. CHANGING their point of view or the perspective of the way to achieve success! RECALLING THAT: In every attempt they make, they must find happiness; because they are building THEIR FUTURE and insofar as they can IMAGINE a better world. Never! they will cease to be LIKE CHILDREN who Unwaveringly believe in themselves!


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