IMG_0599Time is unforgiving, as the earth relentlessly continues to rotate on its axis every day, as it advances in its unstoppable movement around the sun. The seconds are combined into minutes. The minutes intertwine one after the other until they become hours. The hours play between day and night forming weeks that, reflected in the calendar of life, become months until they dissolve between the hands of the clock year after year.

HOMEPAGE-03Life became monotonous for Eduardo since he changed universities. The melancholy expression in his gaze revealed the immeasurable sadness that fell at his heart. His daily activities were routine. When he got up every morning he went to his respective classes, then to the library where he spent long hours doing all his homework. He would then return to his bedroom to continue reading books until nightfall, then go to bed and then to sleep. Thus passed the days in Eduardo’s life. On very rare occasions he would converse with one of his classmates. He usually ate once or twice a day. His appearance was haggard and his physical completeness very weak. Eduardo had lost weight, yet he had the highest average in all the subjects he took in college.

Eduardo’s parents provided him with the financial help he needed, so he dedicated himself to studying full time. Eduardo only called his twins once or twice a month; because every time he did, he could not contain the feelings oppressed inside his chest and he always ended up crying.

OTONO-31One afternoon while Eduardo was in the library, he decided to look for a book in the romance section. Driven by a memory, like a shooting star, he smiled when he remembered Ana’s face since she really liked reading romantic stories. Searching with his eyes, Eduardo hoped to find a title that would motivate him to raise his arm to extract a book from the shelf and thus take it with him to his room. Eduardo’s eyes stopped when he came across one of Ana’s favorite books. Sighing deeply, he took it in his hands and opened it just at the moment that the unmistakable smell of roses from the perfume that Ana used invaded his sense of smell, filling his senses.

Stunned by the sudden flood of suppressed memories in his brain, which Eduardo tried to eliminate without facing the reality that forced him to accept that Ana was no longer by his side, Eduardo began to search the corridors of the library for the woman who used it; the same perfume that Ana liked.

CUNA-04Following the trail of the aroma that slowly faded into the air, Eduardo reached the main door of the library. Which swayed gently as a sign that someone had just left there. Without thinking much about it, Eduardo ran to the exit, but when he opened the door, he only found in front of him the wonderful spectacle of a red sunset. Letting himself be caressed by faint rays of the sun that enveloped him at that moment, Eduardo’s thoughts evoked Ana’s sensual and mischievous smile. His eyes filled with tears that, like fine liquid crystal, came out of his eyes just to solidify when combined with the wind that transformed them into small prismatic drops, where the colors of love were reflected.

OTONO-52Eduardo fisted both hands, yearning with all the strength of his soul, Ana’s warm kisses. His legs began to tremble, and his trembling heart stirred inside his chest. Inexplicably Eduardo began to release his deepest feelings. Wrapped in the ephemeral but latent pain caused by the loss of a loved one, when acceptance bends into the reluctance of wanting to remain attached to the impossible; to the desire to give them life again in a world where they no longer belong.

 Suddenly his body lost all strength forcing him to fall to the ground on his knees. The tears that flowed from his eyes became a river of sadness, pain, and loneliness. Placing his hands on his head as he slid his fingers through his hair, Eduardo screamed in despair, not caring that there might be someone around him who could hear him.

OTONO-53Kneeling on the ground, covering his ears with his hands, and keeping his eyes closed, Eduardo began to plead for the torment he was suffering to go away. At that moment he heard an unmistakable voice that asked him, “Are you okay? Do you need help?”

Eduardo opened his eyes and saw reflected on the ground the silhouette of a woman with wavy hair that moved with the wind, chaining him with the scent of roses that emanated from her body. With awkwardly slow movements, he turned his head to see who the woman was standing behind him.

OTONO-50The tears in his eyes and the cloudiness of his mind prevented him from seeing clearly, so Eduardo wiped his tears with the sleeve of his shirt and when he looked up again, his sense of perception convulsing before the unimaginable that his eyes were seeing. The reddish-gold color of her hair, the sensuality of her lips, the scent of roses and the warm gaze of her unmistakable emerald- green eyes were captured in Eduardo’s brain while he lost consciousness.



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