CORAZON-03During the last months I have only received letters, messages, news, and feelings that express sadness, pain, suffering, despair, misunderstanding or loneliness. And I would like to remind you not to forget the loved ones who have left on a journey with no return; back to a spiritual world where they can rest until we meet them again. We just have to remember the happy moments, the loving details, the gifts received, the signs of love, the trips, the parties, the teachings and the days full of light that we have been able to share in order to feel united with them, but letting them fly free as the wind towards a world full of sun, hope, wisdom, where it can be discovered that we do not die forever, because we are bound by unbreakable ties of ETERNAL LOVE.

I know how much it can hurt trying to smile as the heart oppresses our feelings of sadness, prompting us to cry uncontrollably; feeling that we lack the air to breathe normally. Feeling that the absence torments us, when we see all the objects around us and we observe life taking its normal course, but without the presence of the beings we love.

CORAZON-04We go without knowing why they had to leave so unexpectedly, without finding comfort when waking up each morning, without being able to say “I LOVE YOU” for fear that the words will only find an echo in the emptiness around us.

But I would also like to remind you, that our loved ones do not have to die for us to feel far from them; separated by fine transparent crystals where we can see them, but not touch them nor speak to them. Since, on many occasions we are so absorbed in our own tasks that we do not see what is happening around us. Or we are so busy that we do not have time to share, to enjoy with the family, to laugh at the trivial things in life, to cook, share and create moments that will be recorded forever in our memories.

Sometimes we ourselves get away and get lost in an isolated world, where only work, responsibilities, problems, dissatisfactions, reproaches, and complaints can enter. A world where everything annoys us, where we are irritated by receiving a call from our family members, where we are angry that someone interrupts us, where we become aggressive when we think they are wasting our time. Without reacting to the ephemeral emotions that establish solidarity, stability, trust, union, through daily coexistence.

CORAZON-02Sometimes we value material things more than the human beings around us. Many times, we explode into hurtful words or aggressive attitudes when acting intensely, for a glass that broke, a scratch on the new car, burned food, lost money, being late for an activity or simply because we cannot agree with them.

And while we believe that we are doing the right thing, we are lost in an uncertain world. Forgetting that time is eternal but human bodies, “ARE NOT ETERNAL.” Because our bodies deteriorate over time; they lose skills, they age and as the years go by, DIE.

There are times when it is better to go mad sailing against the tide of a world that inspires us to be worshipers of ourselves, selfish indulgers of vain feelings, possessors of wealth that magnify our debts, imitators of examples that denigrate FAITH, RESPECT, SELFLEESS SERVICE, SINCERE FRIENDSHIP, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS AND LOVE FOR OTHERS.

I am not criticizing anyone, nor is my intention to offend other people’s own reasoning, desires, or convictions, since every human being is free to act according to the dictation of his own conscience. But also, I know that when the heart beats with sincere emotion, most of us human beings are the same. Able to give smiles, generous when sharing, supportive in the face of tragedies, benign in the face of the pain of others and charitable towards the unfortunate.

KING-06That is why we must learn to develop a balance in our lives, so that we can carry out all our daily activities. Without forgetting the Love that must prevail over all circumstances. In such a way that we can work, have fun, walk, share, and live with intensity every second that we spend next to our loved ones. Without losing the perspective that to be happy we must live each day with joy, maintaining a “HAPPY HEART” within our bodies. Able to feel and share LOVE, no matter how fast the days, weeks, months, years go by or how fast the world spins. Since what really matters is having learned to be original, authentic to live enjoying those little details that we share with our families and that will remain forever in our memories. In such a way that we rise above the tragedies before the light in our eye’s fades, never shine again in such a changing world. Where the only descriptive memory that should remain forever in the memories of the people who have loved us, is reflected in the following words: “THEY WERE A PERSON WHO LIVED ALL THEIR LIFE WITH A HAPPY HEART.”


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