I wrote this story about a year ago. Today I begin to share it with you. I hope you like it and join me chapter by chapter, imagining the protagonists, discovering how much love can give a happy heart, even if it is living in unfavorable circumstances.


OTONO-08The noise that the cars produced passed through the window glass, where the congestion caused by traffic could see it. Some impatient drivers honked their vehicles, causing an incessant roar that tortured Nora’s brain. As if a holocaust was taking place inside her, Nora held her belly, screaming in pain towards the walls of her apartment, where the sound bounced in a strident way generating a resonant echo in all directions. Susana approached her offering her a full glass of tea, made with allspice and cloves, “Daughter, take all the contents of this glass, it will help lighten the process of childbirth and help you feel less pain. You are going to be a mother for the first time and it’s twin girls! but don’t be scared, Juan has already called 911 and is outside waiting for the paramedics to take you to the hospital. “

Nora kept holding on to the door handle of the stove’s oven, because she felt that if she let go, she could lose her balance and hit the floor. Susana brought the glass to her mouth and held it while Nora drank the tea. Suddenly the ambulance siren was heard, indicating that paramedics were already outside waiting for Nora.

OTONO-01Susana helped her walk to the door, just as Juan was about to come in to help his wife. Nora’s face reflected anguish and fear. Juan held her tightly around her waist with her left hand and arm, while he placed Nora’s right arm on his shoulder and thus helped her down the steps of the stairs to the first level of the building where they lived. Upon reaching the street, the paramedics received Nora, laid her down on a stretcher that they then got into the ambulance, Juan remained with her throughout the trip.

When they arrived at the hospital, a nurse was waiting for her with a wheelchair, but the paramedics chose to put her on the stretcher because Nora’s contractions were more and more frequent, and she was ready to give birth. Juan held the bag containing his baby’s clothes in his arms, puzzled and worried about the health of his wife. Juan had been paralyzed at the entrance of the hospital, until a nurse approached him carrying a pile of papers that he had to fill out and sign.

OTONO-02With his gaze clouded by the tears he was trying to hold back, Juan watched as his wife was led into the hospital as if she were experiencing everything that was happening in slow motion. At that moment Nora screamed loudly as the nurses pushing the stretcher began to run.

Ten minutes later a doctor approached Juan, “Congratulations, they are two beautiful girls, the first was born in the hallway and the second in the delivery room. A little longer and the girls would have been born in the ambulance. You can wait for your wife at room number 225, the nurses will take them there very soon. “

Juan breathed slowly, while all his senses normalized to give way to the undeniable emotion of happiness that invaded his entire being, reflecting on his face joy, love, gratitude, and irrepressible impatience to meet his daughters.

OTONO-03Juan was sitting in an armchair in front of the bed when the nurses entered the room taking his wife with his two daughters. Juan could not contain the tears when he saw his small daughters and with his broken voice he whispered in her wife’s ear, “THANK YOU”, while he hugged her lovingly.

Nora was in the hospital for two days. On the third day very early in the morning, the doctor who attended the delivery gave her the order to leave. Juan was parked in front of the hospital door, he was carrying a large bouquet of yellow roses and two metallic balloons with Mimi Mouse’s face saying, “Is a girl.” Susana was next to him. Their faces shone with happiness and they both smiled when Nora came out of the hospital. Susana accommodated the two girls in their respective baby car seats, while Juan helped Nora to get into the car. When everyone was ready to go back to their apartment, the car didn’t start. Juan checked the car, trying several times to start it, but he couldn’t get the car to work. Susana suggested that they can call a tow truck, she could wait for the car to be taken away, then she would return to the apartment traveling by bus; and they can travel by taxi.

OTONO-04“I prefer go home by the little train, it is more direct, so we will get there faster,” said Nora.

“In the little train it will be difficult to travel with two baby car seats, since you also need help.” Juan answered, with gestures of concern and frustration because the car did not work.

“If you like, I’ll stay with a girl and call my friend Irene, to take us to the apartment, after the tow truck takes the car,” said Susana.

Juan and Nora met eye contact, then agreed to Susana’s suggestion. Juan grabbed a baby car seat as he helped his wife walk to the train stop.

OTONO-05While they were traveling in the train, Juan held the baby car seat on his legs, Nora rested her head on Juan’s shoulder, with a gentle voice Nora said, “The day is cloudy and although it is spring the sky is covered with the colors of autumn above the clouds of a gray sky. “

Surprisingly, the roar of metal and concrete was heard growling with destructive fury while the little train collapsed into the void, to crash against the cars that were traveling on the road. Then a dense cloud of dust rose, obscuring all thought and extinguishing all memories, turning the gray day into a dark tragedy.



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