UNIVERSAL-01During the last few weeks, I have been very busy with a lot of things to do. We are moving, and I haven’t been able to post as often as I like to, but I haven’t stopped writing. So, very soon I will begin to publish new stories, poems, and articles that I know you will like.


On many occasions I have written about Universal Studios theme parks, and how much fun my family has every time we visit them. My daughters practically grew up at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

In the parks we have enjoyed countless days and nights full of excitement, laughter, surprises, adventure, discoveries and crying days full of happiness. Inside the parks we have traveled to distant worlds where there is no sadness, pain, inequality, or limits that restrict our desire for fun in a healthy and safe environment.

UNIVERSAL-16We have also enjoyed many concerts with famous singers whom we have seen very closely, where we have sung their songs or danced to their music. We have lived the in the overflowing multicolored parties of Mardi Gras with its traditional parades, majestic floats, impressive costumes, and the phenomenal smiles of each of its participants.

UNIVERSAL-17However, I must confess that for many years – especially when my daughters were little – I had the discomfort of standing in long lines to enter the attractions. Because one of my daughters always wanted to go to the bathroom or complained about the wait times or asked me to carry them in my arms because they didn’t want to stand up. But when it came time to enter, they forgot everything and enjoyed the attractions to the fullest and then asked me to start another line at another attraction in the park. So, I thought “How great would it be if the waiting lines for the attractions weren’t so long or to have the parks just for us so that not so many people came. So, then we could enjoy all the attractions without queuing or standing for too long. “


On many occasions I expressed that wish, in the hope that one day we would be able to enjoy the parks just for ourselves. Imagining that we entered all the attractions without queuing and without wasting time.

And you know what? As time went by, my wish was fulfilled in the year 2020.

UNIVERSAL-11During the restrictions, security measures, extreme cleanliness, and the use of masks (the use of which became mandatory) throughout the pandemic; my family and I decided to visit Universal’s theme parks. Despite the warnings that many friends gave us in regard to avoiding leaving our home so as not to become infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Once we arrived, we noticed that there was an excellent system of infection prevention, cleaning, and sanitizing throughout the park. We first visited Universal Studios. And upon entering, SURPRISE! The streets were empty, some restaurants were closed, there were no queues of people waiting to enter the attractions, waiting times were practically non-existent since we could enter immediately. My wish was finally fulfilled, “But I didn’t feel happy.”

UNIVERSAL-10Because with the absence of people I missed the conversations, the happy faces, the anecdotes, the comparisons of the various emotions felt when getting on the roller coasters, the noise that people made when walking, the empathy that floated in the atmosphere and that invited to be happy, the adrenaline that we felt when walking quickly to get in lines as soon as possible, secretly competing with other people to see who would arrive first in the queue.


The absence of crowds made my wish come true. But walking through the empty streets of Universal Studios made me nostalgic for the days full of light, since, despite the sun shining brightly, the atmosphere in the park was gloomy, cold, and non-existent of human warmth.


So, trying to change what I was feeling we went to Islands of Adventure, hoping that the heroes that live there would make us feel better. But the situation was similar in both parks. Where only the friendliness of the employees and the lively sparkle of their eyes gave us joy.

UNIVERSAL-07My wish was fulfilled, but we did not enjoy it because the attractions seemed to miss the reason for their existence, the reason why each one of them was created. Living in this strange situation, I understood that theme parks without crowds of people are not enjoyed in the same way. Because the feeling of happiness that each of its visitors carries in their hearts and that transmits with intensity is what makes us want to live and enjoy all the attractions. So, I also understood that all people connect to each other with an energetic and joyful feeling, which makes them the heart that beats within the parks, since without them there is no fantasy, illusion or love of life.



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