Have you ever received unexpected news that has left you speechless, stunned, leaving total silence throughout your environment in its wake?

Have you ever experienced the pleasant sensation of being silent, contemplating the expressions and attitudes of your loved one, while speaking to them face to face?

Have you ever managed to develop the sensitive perception that allows us to be in harmony with nature while observing a landscape?

Have you ever silently shown love to someone who is hurting, while giving them a hug?

Have you ever felt the need to look at the sky, with eyes full of tears, in silence, waiting for an answer that has not come yet?

Have you ever wished in the solitude of a room, pleading without words, for your confusions and problems to vanish as if by magic?

Have you ever taken a minute of your time, alone, in silence, to remember the emotions that have been lost in time, while beautiful moments from the past fill your senses with?

Have you ever closed your eyes and remained silent to listen to the voice of the creator, who responds to us without words, instead with emotions that awaken our feelings, accepting his will in silence?

Who puts limits on silence? When the need to cry, laugh, scream, or express our longings, oppresses our hearts, and exasperates our thoughts.

Who puts limits on silence? When we are broken looking for a little peace to avoid feeling like we are dying of pain, when we observe how the beings we love fade and become memories that we keep in our hearts, like thorns that hurt deep inside.

Who puts limits on silence? When we celebrate the success of having reached our goals while enjoying the company of family and friends.

Who puts limits on silence? When the absence of noise becomes imperative at some point. Or when we come to the acknowledge that God is real, that he lives, and that we can get to know him.

Who puts limits on silence? When the silence of our mouth becomes a powerful response, and we use it as a means of communication.

Who puts limits on silence? When it is nightfall and I want to have a few minutes with myself to watch the stars. To marvel at the full moon, drawing imaginary lines to capture constellations or planets. Hoping to see a shooting star that allows me to wish for the impossible to come true.



Who puts limits on silence? When I simply want to express and feel LOVE.


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