An expression a bit complex to explain and very difficult to understand when you live tied to the memories of an unpleasant past, failures, lies or the undeniable pain that the suffering of having been beaten, humiliated, excluded or simply ignored by someone when you were looking for love and understanding.

The human being may have the tendency to self-justify himself to avoid responsibilities or avoid facing a situation that hurts its feelings. If we do not learn to recognize the presence of harmful emotions in our body in time, we can experience an uncontrollable depressive state in our lives.

I do not pretend to teach religion, but there are times when I like to use scriptures from the bible to help answer the questions I receive in the best possible way and I share with you that I believe in God the Eternal Father and in his Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit. But I also believe that every human being is free to choose to believe what it wishes to believe according to what dictates his own conscience.

The dictionary defines the word LIVE as: “The action of spending life in a certain place” and defines it as: “The action of enjoying life in times of calm, bustle and joy”. In other words, living means- “ENJOYING LIFE WITH JOY.”

But how can we live? When we feel that we die a little by little every day. This question is difficult to answer, when the feeling of loneliness has generated darkness around us and sadness has weakened our heart, which beats on the edge of an abyss created by disappointment. However, if the desire to live is united with perseverance and guided by faith, “THE ANSWER WILL COME.”

The Bible in 1 Peter 3:18 says, “Christ suffered death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit.” Christ paid for the sins of each one of us so that we would have the freedom to choose and live with joy.

In Psalm 143: 11 it says, “Quicken me, O Lord, for thy name’s sake; for thy righteousness sake bring my soul out of trouble. ” When we approach God, his Spirit quickens us and helps us find solutions to our personal problems so that we can find rest from the problems of the world and live in peace with ourselves and with other people.

In Psalm 119: 25 it says, “My soul clings to the dust; revive me according to your word. ” If we feel lost in confusion or darkness that threatens to destroy us; It is good to remember that the light of truth will shine in our souls through his word. We can feel his presence even during our worst tribulations.

If for some reason we exclaim, “How difficult is it to live?” When we lose ourselves in a sea full of problems, insecurities, dissatisfactions or bullying of people who try to corner us in a supposedly perfect world where discriminatory words push us to believe that all imperfections are carried by ourselves in our way of thinking, dressing, physical appearance, way of loving or religious belief. Let us simply remember that we are living souls of incalculable value in the eyes of God and see ourselves as the best of His creation.


When we arm ourselves with the courage and put aside all negative feelings, we change our way of thinking and voluntarily forget the past, deciding not to suffer for the future; It is when we begin to live our life in a different way. We must also learn to love ourselves with all our flaws and virtues, to know our strengths and weaknesses. Another important aspect is learning to exercise our right of choice with WISDOM. Thus, we will make fewer mistakes and therefore we will stop suffering consequences that can cause us pain and sadness.


To live with joy, forgetting that we die a little every day; we must forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made. To help the poor and needy to the extent that is prudent and accessible to each of us. Striving to find peace and satisfaction in everything we do. Learning to believe in love, in loving details, self-respect, moral values, constant discipline, friendship, and selfless service to our neighbor, we will be able to turn our fun into happiness and our happiness into joy. Then feeling free to LOVE and to be LOVED.


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