A lot has been written about the moon since the world was created, and its beauty continues to inspire countless numbers of people who develop their talents. Creating wonderful works thanks to Mrs. Moon. I am no exception to its undeniable beauty and inspirational power, especially when it comes to talking about the word “LOVE”.

Through my window I see your light reaching my bed, illuminating my room with SILVER clarity. Dispelling black shadows where you are my perfect confidant in my nights of happiness or sadness.

I watch you and my eyes marvel at your unattainable BEAUTY. My whole being vibrates! I would like to say or express what I feel, TALKING while I sigh, thinking of a thousand BEAUTIFUL things, that remind me that LOVE has no BORDERS.

I wish you were my messenger! That you would carry across the distance messages of love for LOVERS, who still hold hands as they walk TOGETHER on the path of life that they themselves have made, with plastered bricks of dreams and illusions.

Oh, messenger moon, reflect on your bright side like a MIRROR messages that arises from my THOUGHT and that is translated into simple words that express deep feelings when someone says, “I LOVE YOU”.

Beautiful silver moon! Countless nights of PERFECT romance that you have illuminated on my bed, tattooing in my HEART unforgettable memories of passion and debauchery. Unleashing moments of MADNESS that have made me ENJOY life when guided by your light I have collapsed OBSTACLES that can separate two LOVERS.

Your beauty MAKES my poor heart love and makes me feel selfish by wishing to be the sole owner of your SMILE for life. But you, STUNNING and CHALLENGING, live in the sky, surrounded by shadows that try to erase the affection that makes us lovers in your SOLITUDE and my SADNESS.

And yet, I am going to fight so that nothing can overshadow your BEAUTY and I want to ask you to LOVE ME a little more every day. Thus, the CHALLENGES that we must face in LIFE will never be able to separate us.

I pray that my life is not a STORM without love. I pray for the BRIGHTNESS of your eyes and the REDNESS of your cheeks, a VOID that one day I FORGET my PROMISES.

Moon in love covers my body with your light while love GROWS in my heart and lets the RUBBING of your skin on my hands make turn on the blood in my VEINS, so that you never stop being my BELOVED in the midst of my WINS or SADNESSES.

Moonlight! Cover me with your beauty ELIMINATING my sadness, DISSIPATING my tears that fall to the ground like brilliant PEARLS so that love never DIES. Silver Moon! Change my path and turn it, BLUE as the SKY so that every night when people see you, showing your beauty they DISCOVER what is TRUE love and I pray that your light CROSSES as GORRION’S song the hearts IN LOVE and in the middle of the LABYRINTH of life they find HAPPINESS and may forget their SORROWS.


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