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There are times when it is better to remain silent … TO BE IN SILENCE, so as not to say anything that could unleash an endless battle of words and hurt feelings. But there are other occasions when staying silent without saying anything generates a silent suffering that destroys us from the inside and little by little the kills our soul.

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An expression a bit complex to explain and very difficult to understand when you live tied to the memories of an unpleasant past, failures, lies or the undeniable pain that the suffering of having been beaten, humiliated, excluded or simply ignored by someone when you were looking for love and understanding.

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How Universal helped me overcome depression.

A few days ago I shared a little about my childhood; this time I will write a little more about myself and I want to say that, although I have not published anything in the last weeks, I have responded directly to the letters I received and as promised I will write a little more about my life in some of my publications for the people who have requested it.

Living is beautiful, especially when we learn to enjoy everything we do and experience growth after having suffered, because at some point in our lives we are all involved in a series of unfavorable events caused by our own decisions or the decisions of those around us.

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