I know I have not been writing often and for those who have asked me, why? I want to tell you that I have been working on the edition of my book “El Aguanima de Peten” and at the same time on the process of converting “The King of the Farm” into a book. Both books will be published very soon. But here I share this publication that I wrote one night when I dreamed that my brother-in-law and his little daughter were reunited after a long time of being separated.

I do not know how long I have been asleep, without memories or thoughts.

And right now when I open my eyes everything seems different.

I feel calm, even though a thick cloud surrounds my senses.

I stand up and walk barefoot on a light floor that seems to be made with the wind blowing.

There is a lot of space around me and I feel lost in a dense fog that cools my body.

A feeling of having neither beginning nor end softens my soul, while I see images of the past running by my side.

Extending my arms, I try to touch them. But, like soap bubbles, they explode in my brain at the touch of my fingers.

It is strange, but I feel how my heart beats, although I cannot see my body. However, the latent emotions of tenderness, love, pain, happiness, and sadness are intertwined like a spider web that imprisons my entire life.

My logical reasoning screams inside me. As my conscious reality expresses itself in front of my eyes, showing me the truth, holding me to suffer for the separation of those who remain, watching me leave.

At times I look back and see that they are staring blankly, heart shattered and with bitter words on their lips they shed tears of love.

I would like to shout at them. Never forget me! And confirm that I will live forever, because love is eternal and that is why the very essence of each loved one never dies. But without intending to, I continue my way, without stopping, getting closer to my destination.

A bright light more intense than the rays of the sun dispels my confusion and the fear of never being able to return, disappears when I hear your voice from a distance.

Welcome! We have missed you. And suddenly I see you running towards me with open arms, with the smile plastered on your face full of peace and joy, as you hug me saying, “Now is the time for you to enjoy my company.”

My sadness dissipates when I see your girlish face, you were so small when you left my side that I could not enjoy your presence for a long time, and my heart overflows with joy to have you next to me again, my Daughter, my Maria!

I who thought that I had lost you forever, seeing you next to me I understand that when we die, we simply begin to live in a different way. I understand that those who stay will suffer because they will no longer be able to see me, but for me it is time to enjoy again those who left before me.

How difficult it is to separate from the beings we love, but what intense joy when we meet again. Together you and I Maria! We will send messages in the morning dew, that like soft caresses will come and kiss the faces of those we love.

Yes, together we will wait for all of them and when our family is reunited it will be without sadness or pain, enjoying the ENCOUNTER united in a hug that will be, ETERNAL.


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